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FAIL FRIDAY: Do You Wanna Build A Fratman?

This is a recurring TFM series. Catch up with all installments of Fail Friday by visiting the archive.

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Ten real submissions, 20 photos, and three videos that didn’t seem quite right. Names were omitted to protect the guilty.

I have a guy for everything. Besides when it comes to sex. #lifeofafratstar #frat #TFM

I want to karate chop you in the throat.

Having the answers beforehand, but still getting a B on a Chemistry test due to refusing to use the metric system. TFM.

You’re a weird guy.

Telling the slam “Slider…you stink” as you go downtown on her. TFM.

Interesting choice of cunnilingus movie quote.

The doc said that right before they were about to cut me open to take out my tonsils, I yelled out, “FRAAAAT!” Braveheart style. TFM.

You are Fratilliam Frallace.

The only downside to being in a frat (that I’ve noticed) is that everyone wants to blow me. From the lunch lady all the way to my stepmom, everyone wants to put their mouth around my frock. TFM.

With great frock comes great tribulation.

My dorm room smelling like a fish factory (cuz of all the snatch I score). TFM.

You disgust me.

Never doing legal work pro bono, but always doing it pro boner. TFM.

Good one, cheese dick.

Washing your dick twice for good luck. TFM.

Everyone knows only washing your dick once is bad luck.

Showing up to sorority formal wearing chubbies blazers and bowties 30 deep. TFM.

Congratulations you ruined literally everyone’s night.

I’m not in a frat. April Fools’ you GDI fucknoids. TFM.

Got heeeeeeeeeem.


Apparently giraffes go on spring break too.


Real bros shave each other’s backs.


Piggy back rides. TFM.


You could cut the sexual tension between these two with a butter knife.


Guy busting out the abs obviously forgot he was at the gun show.


Real gangsters carry squirt guns.


Some guys just can’t handle spring break.


Bitches love frisbees.


Finishing the drink that made you puke in your frocket. TFM.


Big man is out for the count.


Well that’s one way to use a toilet.

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Gonna join in, but first…let me take a selfie.


He pulls.


Gotta respect this guy’s tie game.


He’s got that crazy look in his eye.


If you’ve got it, flaunt it.


Guy on the right is cheesing his fucking balls off.




What a terrible, terrible idea.


Going pee pee in your sweet sweat pants. TFM.

Do You Wanna Date A Phi Tau?

Might Be For Charity, Still Hilarious


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