FAIL FRIDAY: All Falls Down

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Below are the best of the worst photos, videos and TFMs sent in by our readers this week. Names have been omitted to protect the guilty, but God sees all shame.

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Catching your step mom getting railed out by your lacrosse coach and using the opportunity to get a starting spot. TFM.

He sees opportunity, he’s an opportunist.

New party trick for 2018 is smoking cigarettes with my anus. TFM.

That has to play well with the ladies.

Taking a shit in the Tri Delt mailbox because your semi-formal date banged a bartender instead of you. TFM.

Seems like a reasonable and totally sane response.

They say the early bird gets the worm, but the bird who never went to sleep in the first place and is still drinking at 6am gets the pussy. TFM.

Actually that bird usually gets the drunk tank for public intoxication.

Having your house mother perform a testicular exam to make sure you don’t have cancer because you’re only comfortable with women over 50 handling your family jewels. TFM.

That’s your prerogative, I suppose.

Attending sexual assault support group meetings in an attempt to meet vulnerable babes. TFM.

You are going straight to hell, and possibly prison before that.

Shaving the frat hound’s gigantic nut sack with a straight razor so his balls shine bright when the light glimmers off them just so. TFM.

I’m sure that’s a beautiful sight and not in anyway an issue with PETA.

I find the best way to maintain an erection during a solid bone sesh is by imagining Tom Brady’s footwork in the pocket. TFM.

Fuckin’ Pats fans, man. They’re the worst.

Buying a whole meal of food for a female and after paying the check asking if she’ll let you do cocaine of her tiddies. TFM.

Slow down there, player.

Wearing a wire and going to your professor’s office hours in an attempt to seduce him into gay sex so you can blackmail him into a non-failing grade but it turns out he’s straight and you’re getting kicked out of school. TFM.

I have no words.

We get it dude you’re a fratstar.

The fuck happened to the middle guy’s boat?

Oozing sex appeal.

Jesus boy what did you eat?

Oh no.

Legends never die.

Should’ve puked into his own cargo pockets.

At the end of the day you should burn this photo.

She’s going down.

This guy drinks!

The Ninja Turtles rule but putting a Turtle Power poster on your wall might not be the move.

By that logic you’re doing something right because I hate you all.

Failure has no expiration. 2010, 2018, I don’t care.

What have you done to your body?

Pussy gang pulling mad bitches.

Look what you did you hairy fuck.

I am going to pass but thank you for the invitation.

They’re bringing planking back in a big way.

Any post with hashtag fratboy is getting roasted sorry those are the rules.

Probably need to use a tattoo artist that demands American currency next time.

Nailed it (@Sweeet5)

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Pull yourself together, man (@Sanderhlush)

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Oh no

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Coming for PyeongChang 2018 (@_a.j.a_)

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Snows in Texas one time (@tara_molavi)

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“How’s your semester going?”

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Ashley got her fake taken away

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Crushed it

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Unexpected KO

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Ashley and Becky stepping out tonight (@meganpakulak)

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Got something you think should be featured in Fail Friday? Send it to us HERE.

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