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Exclusive Interview With “Blue Mountain State” Creators Eric Falconer And Romanski

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You guys remember “Blue Mountain State,” right? The raucous, ended-before-its-time TV show that once featured an entire episode about a pocket pussy is coming back in full force to the big screen. In case you missed it, check out the announcement here. The BMS Movie Kickstarter campaign is up and running, and as of this interview, it has surpassed $800,000 in pledged donations. There’s also still plenty of time to go.

TFM had the chance to talk to the creators of the show, Eric Falconer and Romanski, in the first installment of our special “Blue Mountain State” week. We’ll feature a new, exclusive interview with members of the cast every day this week, so keep an eye out for more Q&As. You might recognize Romanski as the show’s character Sammy, the mascot who masturbates on camera on more than a few occasions. Eric, on the other hand, was the guy making the lingerie-laden madness happen behind the scenes.

Without further ado, here’s the interview with the legendary creators of “Blue Mountain State.”

I know I can speak for nearly all of our fans when I say I was disappointed to see the show go. How long did it take before you realized that a movie was a possibility?

Eric: Believe me, we were just as disappointed as you guys when the show went away.  It was our whole life for three years. So many amazing things happened in that time, we weren’t ready to see it end.

Romanski: Yeah, I mean, I had a baby and got divorced during those years. It really sucked to see it end… the show I mean.

Eric: We always knew making a Blue Mountain State movie was a possibility, it just took us a while to figure out how to make it happen. By “we” I mean myself, Romanski, Alan Ritchson and the rest of the cast.  Our studio could not have been less interested in making a BMS movie.  Fortunately we got them to give us the rights.  Then we looked into private investors, but they basically wanted to use the BMS brand and make a shitty, watered down version of the show. So now we’re on Kickstarter. We realize now it’s the only way we’re going to get to make the movie we and our fans want.

Romanski: And by “the movie our fans want” he means tits and (SPOILER ALERT) bestiality.

Eric: Full penetration of course.

Let’s get an estimation. How many “OMG PLZ BRING BACK BMS!!!!” tweets would you say each of you got on a daily basis since the cancellation?

Romanski: It’s amazing. I get 20 to 30 tweets a day about bringing back the show. If I could I’d bring it back and do ten more seasons. Of course that would mean I’d be playing a 63 year old mascot, but I’m sure I could come up with some stories about how I “can’t” jerk off one more time.  What I just said makes sense to me.

Eric: There was a while when the show first ended where people thought we were responsible for cancelling the show.  Maybe people still think that, I don’t know. But a lot of messages I got were along the lines of “Bring the show back you fat piece of shit.”

Romanski: We have the best fans in the world.

Watching your final episode documentary really shed a lot of light on how fun the show must have been to shoot. Are there any epic prank stories from the set you’d like to share?

Eric: We can’t share all of them, some of the court cases are still open, but there is one I remember that I wish had worked better than it did… We dosed Romanski’s water on set with Viagra. He was shooting that day and the plan was to make him do every scene with a boner.  We waited for a couple hours after he drank his water, but nothing happened. So we had his girlfriend, who was in on the joke, sit on his lap, cuddle up to him, and kiss his neck. Still nothing happened.  He never got a boner.  The guy’s Viagra proof.

Romanski: Viagra doesn’t work if you’re already hard. There wasn’t a scene in the three seasons of the show that I wasn’t hard in. Ask Darin Brooks’ leg.

Eric: Romanski shit in our writers assistant’s hat once.  He was the nicest guy in the world and did everything we ever asked of him.

Romanski: In fairness to me, it was a Montreal Expos hat. They don’t even exist anymore.

On the same note, Romanski, I noticed in the documentary that a lot of the cast mentioned they’ve seen your dick and/or bowel movements on multiple occasions. Any good stories behind that, or is it just such a common occurrence that it doesn’t even phase people anymore?

Eric: I barely notice when it happens anymore.

Romanski: I was going to answer this question with a dick pic, but Eric advised me against it.  Text me and I’ll send you one!

If the BMS Mountain Goats were a real team, what NCAA conference would it belong to?

Eric: I like to think they’d be in the Big Ten.  BMS is the only team that can compete with Northwestern once they unionize.

Romanski: Pay for play.

Is Denise Richards as lovely in person as she was in the chronic wet dreams I had in the five years following the first time I saw “Starship Troopers”?

Romanski: Bro beans, I hope this isn’t you admitting to us that you don’t have wet dreams anymore.

Eric: That’s sad to us.

Romanski: But yes, Denise is as lovely as you’d imagine… or as lovely as you have imagined over and over in your sticky bed.

Through the three seasons, “Blue Mountain State” had some pretty ridiculous storylines. What were some of your favorite episodes to put together?

Eric: Marathon Monday from season one is still my favorite episode we ever did.  We knew we wanted to do a 24 hour drinking marathon episode, but we didn’t know what story to tell within that huge day of binge drinking. Separately we had the idea that Alex meets a girl just like him and falls in love. So we decided to combine them. It was a little bit of an experiment for us because we didn’t know if we could pull off a love story in the world of BMS. Even when we were shooting that episode I had doubts about whether it was going to work.  But then I saw the first cut and it blew me away. We totally pulled it off. Alex and the Band Girl, Craig breaking up with Denise, Sammy taking Craig under his wing. It all worked and it’s still the episode I’m most proud of.

Romanski: I honestly just wanted Sammy to tell someone he would jerk them off when they challenged him to a fight.  But yes, the love story was our main objective.

A lot of people view “Blue Mountain State” as a modern day “Animal House.” This is great, considering the fact that it isn’t even really about a fraternity. Are there any other movies or shows that stand out as influences for the concept?

Romanski: We both really love comedies from the late seventies and early eighties… Stripes, Animal House, Caddyshack, Better Off Dead… any movie from that era that stood out as funny, but also had heart.

Eric: We modeled Thad after every blonde douchebag villain from those 80’s movies. Roy Stalin from Better Off Dead, William Zabka from The Karate Kid and Back To School… We loved those characters growing up and didn’t see them around as much anymore. Alex was based off of Bill Murray in Stripes.

So let’s talk about the really important stuff here. How racy are you planning on making this movie? I speak for a large majority of our readers when I ask, “Will there be breasts, and lots of them?”

Romanski: Yes, I am looking into what the record is for most breasts shown in a feature length film then I’m going to shatter that record by at least ten breasts.

Eric: He means ten pairs of breasts, which if you do the math, works out to twenty titties.

Romanski: We can’t make a Blue Mountain State movie that doesn’t push the envelope in every way. We want this to be bigger, better, crazier, and raunchier than anything we did in the show.  Like I said, we want to shatter the titty record and bury whatever movie it was that held it before.

Eric: If Romanski hadn’t shit in our writers assistant’s hat we could probably ask him to look that movie up for us right now.

You guys always had some amazing guest stars come through when the show was running. Can we expect some big surprises for the movie? If you somehow get Tim Tebow on board, I will cry tears of joy.

Eric: We’d love to have Tim Tebow on board, I’m just not sure he’ll be into the full penetration bestiality scenes.

Romanski: Wouldn’t hurt to ask though.

Eric: You’re right… Tim Tebow, this is our official offer: Will you put a bear suit on in our movie and let Romanski fuck you on screen? This is a paid gig.

Romanski: He’s fucking me? I thought it was the other way around, but I’m cool with whatever.

Let’s roleplay for a second here. I’m a mildly poor, drunk college student and I need to decide whether I want to donate to the “Blue Mountain State” Kickstarter or skip class and go to happy hour at 12:30 p.m. on a Tuesday. Sell me.

Eric: We say, why not do both? We’re not asking anybody to spend their beer money. Here’s what we’d suggest… Skip class and go to happy hour. At the end of the night, instead of buying that girl, who you’re going to regret sleeping with, a drink,  take that money home, jerk off, and then donate that money to our Kickstarter. We’ll provide you with hours of enjoyment and you won’t have to make us breakfast.

Romanski:  And the same goes for you ladies.  A true gentleman never lets a lady buy her own drinks. So really ladies, you should have plenty of cash laying around to donate.

Well, I’m sold. Thanks for your time guys. Can’t wait to see how awesome “Blue Mountain State” will be on the big screen. Any parting words for the TFM/BMS fans out there?

Eric: I’m glad BMS can become part of the TFM family and vice versa.  We love you guys.

Romanski: Yeah, huge thanks to TFM for having us on here. Really excited for all the BMS stuff we have coming up this week.

Eric: If you’ve already donated to the Kickstarter, thank you! If you haven’t donated yet, we’d really love your support. Please help us spread the word and make the biggest, craziest movie possible.

Romanski: See you at the Goat House, Tebow!

Special thanks to the guys for agreeing to answer a few questions for us. Check back later this week for more interviews with the cast–and don’t worry, because the Alan Ritchson (Thad) interview is on its way.

Donate to the BMS Kickstarter HERE

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