Elton John Sucks at Soccer?

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Last week the photo below was posted on TFM in the Photo section. Apparently, a fraternity thought it would be funny to display a banner stating that “Obama is a GDI” during a campus visit from our Commander in Chief. I have to agree, it is pretty funny.

Today, a photo surfaced of a response from some GDI who didn’t find the banner as hilarious as I did.

Photo submitted by Guantanobro Bay

Distasteful? How so? The members of the fraternity that made this sign were simply stating a fact: “Obama is a GDI.” That isn’t an opinion. Obama isn’t a fraternity man therefore he is a GDI. Nobody said anything about prerequisites for being the leader of the free world. I can only assume the sign they will create to greet Elton John will read: “Elton John is gay.” Again, this would be stating a matter of fact. If you said, “Mr. John what is your sexual orientation?” he would respond, “Elton John is gay.” Everyone knows Elton John is gay and only refers to himself in the third person. Furthermore, everyone knows it is tradition for all fraternities across the country to display banners with random, nonbiased facts about campus visitors to help inform the general public. We are just trying to educate America.

Thank you so much for spreading awareness that Obama doesn’t receive financial compensation for being a “bro.” Nobody is paid to be “bro,” because that doesn’t mean anything. There is no distinct characteristic that makes someone “bro.” I don’t care who you are, nobody is going to pay you for being an average American male and possessing the ability to “chill.”

In closing, Elton John is the gay Pelé.

UPDATE: New photo posted on TFM: Elton Sucks at Soccer

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