Eagle Cam Fledglings Receive Patriotic Ass Names

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Eagle Cam Fledglings Receive Patriotic Ass Names

Back in March, we reported on a webcam following the birth of bald eagle chicks at the National Arboretum in Washington D.C. As of yesterday, the two eaglets received the names “Liberty” and “Freedom.”

First things first. Get a load of these majestic little critters.


They may be fledglings, but get a load of those talons. Things could butcher an ISIS guerilla in a matter of seconds and they’re not even on the wing yet. Secondly, look at the smile on those cute little flesh-rending beaks. They must know that they were born in the greatest country on Earth and that they’ll be representing it for the rest of their lives.

From ABC News:

Until today, the eaglet duo were called “DC2” and “DC3.” The public was invited to submit name suggestions using the hashtag #namethenestling. Thousands of submissions were narrowed down to five, which were put to a vote last week.

The winners were announced at press conference today. Representatives from the National Arboretum, the American Eagle Foundation and a number of other organizations were joined by a live eagle named Challenger to share the exciting news. All seemed pleased with the public’s interest in the eaglets’ growth.

Unlike those Brits, nobody decided to go with “Eagley McEagleface” because this is America and we have some respect for born killing machines. Since the sex of the raptors has yet to be determined, Liberty and Freedom were granted the most badass unisex names Americans could think of. Suck it, Tylers and Camerons. My personal choices were “Hulk” and “Hogan”, but it seems the public was, once again, more hip than me.

You can still check in on Liberty, Freedom, and their folks Mr. President and The First Lady here. Observing our nation’s First Family of Eagles in their natural habitat is a solid exercise in patriotism and environmental science. It should only be a matter of time before they’re spreading their wings and ushering in the next generation of freedom.

[via ABC News]

All images are © 2016 via the American Eagle Foundation, EAGLES.ORG

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