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Dwayne “The Golfer” Johnson Says He’ll Break The World Record For Longest Drive

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dwayne the rock johnson driver golf

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson might be the most universally loved man in America. The people’s champ took the WWE world by storm, and now finds himself as the highest paid actor in Hollywood.

The Rock’s workout regime has become legendary. Do yourself a favor and don’t bother looking at his Instagram account if you’re anywhere near a mirror; that would just be cruel and unusual punishment to yourself. The man is the closest thing to a real life Greek statue in existence and possesses a smile and personality to go with it. His motivational speeches are so good he almost convinced me I would actually wake up early and hit the gym before work one time. He’s damn near perfect, man.

Take one glance at The Rock and you’ll believe, like I do, that there are few feats he can’t accomplish. If The Rock says he can do something, by God he’s going to do it. As if dominating the squared circle and silver screen weren’t enough, it appears The Rock has picked up the game of golf. It’s hard to say if Dwayne is spitting a WWE-esque promo on us or not, but he claims to be able to drive a ball 490 yards:

Listen — I don’t want to call The Rock a liar, but I’m leaning towards calling The Rock a liar.

Do I believe he can crank the shit out of a golf ball? Damn straight he can; just not 490.

My guess is he walked up to the tee box with a standard shaft on his driver. Amateur move. A guy that can produce the amount of torque that The Rock can clearly needs a custom extra shaft (there isn’t any hidden dick joke here, unfortunately). Have you ever seen a longest drive competition before? Those guys use extended shafts to produce the longer swing that would be necessary to hit a ball that far. I’m seeing standard across the board here, Rock.

Plus, the ball looks to be lined up in the middle of his stance. You’ve got to put that ball closer to your front heel off the tee, Rock. While we’re at it, you could probably turn that right wrist around a bit — your grip is a tad open. You’re dropping that right shoulder too early in your back swing, too. I’m not liking the balance here at all.

The more I look at The Rock’s approach over the ball, the better I feel about myself and my game. I’ve been waiting a while for this moment — I think I’ve finally found something I am better at than The Rock.

Verdict: The Rock is a hacker. Sure, he is well equipped to hit the ball a mile on occasion, but he has no idea where he will end up more often than not. Imagine accidentally playing The Rock’s ball or hitting up on him. Now there’s a viral moment I need captured for his Instagram page.

In the end, The Rock is just like the rest of us – talking out of his ass when it comes to his golf game.

P.S. The Rock is definitely in my dream foursome. I’ll throw Larry David and Bill Murray in there to round out the group.

[via Instagram]

Image via Instagram

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