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Duke Fan Trolls Hard, Deletes All Midterm Notes In The Public Google Doc Of A UNC History Class, Leaves An F-U Meme

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College sports rivalries are simply the best. Their level of trolling is certainly unmatched. There may not be any rivalry, however, that is as troll-tastic as Duke-North Carolina. The great part about that particular rivalry is that it’s one featuring two relatively intelligent schools, and thus generally ensures that there will be an impressive amount of cleverness that comes with the antics, making them all the more entertaining. Elsewhere, meanwhile, hillbillies are pouring poison on each other’s plants.

In the latest chapter of the never-ending Duke-UNC “fuck you” fest, who UNC students believe to be a random Duke student got into the public Google Doc filled with the notes for the midterm in a UNC history class, delete them, and replace it with the following meme:


That’s just excellent work. Is there really a better way to screw your rival school than by actually adversely affecting their education? I say no, and that these sorts of pranks should be the new standard in school rivalries. Pillage your rival’s online notes and leave funny memes (like Duke did) or weird porn (like I would). Send pledges to their campus, hungover and gassy, and have them all fart up a demonic ass storm in the middle of an exam in an auditorium. Shit, I’m worried I may have just inadvertently convinced an Alabama fan to burn down one of Auburn’s libraries and then drag their scrotum across an Auburn’s student’s face while they’re passed out from smoke inhalation. Please restrain yourselves, Tide fans.

According to UNC students who commented on the Facebook thread where this photo was first posted, notes were possibly able to be recovered by going back through the edit history on the doc, so the Duke prankster may have only temporarily set back the History 107 class, which according to my Googling is “A survey of Western Europe and the Mediterranean World, 300-1500.” Forget trying to recover the notes, if I were the UNC kids I would’ve tried to use that as an excuse to get out of the test, and I like history.

Regardless of how this all turned out, well played, Duke. Well played.

[via Overheard at UNC]

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