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Drunk Wesleyan Students Trash Museum, Climb Dinosaur Exhibit

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Who said that museum trips have to be boring?

A Wesleyan University soiree held at a Hartford science museum over the weekend came to an abrupt, early end. The reason: Museum staff allegedly found several students having sex in the bathrooms, doing drugs and scaling a very lifelike dinosaur exhibit — to name just a few indecencies.

Big deal. Sex in bathrooms? Doing drugs? Sounds like a typical formal.

Wait? Did that say “scaling a very lifelike dinosaur exhibit”? That’s the one thing that everyone who’s ever been to a museum has wanted to do. Alright, Wesleyan, you have my attention.

From what’s been published, the museum staff’s report sounds like the greatest wacky ’80s sitcom intro ever:

1. “Wesleyan student removed from the 6th floor for riding the dinosaur.”
2. “Wesleyan student fell down the up escalator. And continued falling as if in a perpetual motion machine.”

No fucking way! You mean to tell me that a person in the real world actually fell down an up escalator and continuously fell?! The only part about this story that I don’t like is the fact that I wasn’t there to witness it myself.

What’s most impressive about all of this is that it apparently all took place after only about two hours. You really have to be drinking with a purpose if you manage to get climb-a-dinosaur-exhibit-drunk within just two hours.

Apparently, this trip was part of an annual Wesleyan tradition known as “Senior Cocktails.” Traditionally, Senior Cocktails were held at a bar. This year, apparently, the senior class decided that the Connecticut Science Center was a better place to drunkenly celebrate the end of undergrad.

I’m not trying to tell anyone at Wesleyan how to do their job, but any event for seniors involving alcohol, especially with a reference to alcohol in its name (like “cocktail”), is going to lead to a bunch of shitfaced seniors screwing each other and doing drugs, regardless of where you take them.

The reactions by students involved in the incident vary, with some being far more apologetic than others.

“It was a bad idea and I am sorry to the staff of the science center,” regretful senior Andrew Pfiffer told the ABC affiliate.

“I just don’t understand why we were taken to a science museum,” tweeted OverheardAtWes. “Of course we were too drunk for a science museum.”

He’s got a point there. If the museum didn’t want a bunch of drunk college students running around, having sex, doing drugs, and riding dinosaurs, then they shouldn’t have taken the drunk college students to the museum. It’s their own fault, really.

[via Yahoo! News]

Image via Smithsonian


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