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Drunk Idiot Breaks Open Door And Pukes In Airplane, Causes It To Divert And Land

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A lot of people out there like having a cocktail before boarding a commercial airliner. Flying commercially is a pretty miserable experience, so it makes sense for some to throw back a stiff drink before getting crammed into a middle seat for a three-hour flight. While it is enjoyable for some to have a drink to relax before a flight, it is, believe it or not, a serious (not to mention highly regulated) thing to do.

Federal Aviation Regulations, which fall under Title 14 of the Code of Federal Regulations, strictly govern everything that goes on in the air and on board an airplane. This includes drinking. That’s why Mohammed Nasser Aldoseri is in a bit of trouble now.

After having “eight lemon drop shooters,” Aldoseri was a little tipsy, to say the least. While on board a United flight from Cincinnati to Houston, the booze got to his head. According to those aboard the aircraft, he broke open the doors to one of the plane’s lavatories and then proceeded to start violently puking into the sink. What a fucking lightweight.

He began “speaking loudly in Arabic,” according to reports from WLWT-TV, which freaked out some of the other passengers. Shit got out of hand, so the pilots made the call to divert to Nashville. Layovers and unscheduled landings suck enough as it is, but when they’re caused by drunken assholes who can’t handle their liquor, they’re even worse.

Upon landing, authorities came aboard the aircraft and found the Aldoseri in his seat passed out like the drunken fool he was. He was subsequently arrested and charged with being drunk in public and with disorderly conduct.

There’s nothing wrong with having a drink or two before a long flight (so long as you’re a passenger, of course), but as with everything in life, don’t be a dick. If you want to know more about what you can and can’t do in regards to booze in the air, check out 14 CFR 121.575. Safe travels.

[via Dallas Morning News]

Image via Shutterstock

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