Drunk Guy Claiming To Be A Navy SEAL Absolutely Put In His Place By 3 Real Army Rangers

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There is literally nothing worse than stolen valor: people wanting credit they don’t deserve for things they’ve never done, trying in vain to pass themselves off for something they are not. I don’t care where it happens, or what the context is. The bottom line is it’s never acceptable to try to reap the accolades associated with something you haven’t earned. Especially is the case for those poor, poor souls who think it’s okay to make false claims about serving in the U.S. military. Those people disgust me.

Case in point, this incredibly inebriated guy caught on tape outside of a bar waiting to pick a fight with someone. In explaining to the men around him why he’s got a bone to pick, the idiot makes the claim that he’s a Navy SEAL. The only problem is, the three guys he’s talking to happen to be Army Rangers, and as you’d expect, they deservedly put him right in his place.

Now, I’m guessing maybe these Rangers heard the guy trying to pass himself off as a SEAL inside the bar beforehand or something, dropping the stolen valor line and trying to pick up a chick or get comped drinks. Man, I wish they would’ve bitch slapped him a few more times to knock some more sense into him.

There’s no question he probably got less than what he deserved for his pitiful, lying claims blatantly made in the face of three real veterans. But at least he was made an example of, and hopefully he learned a damn good lesson: Don’t ever say you’re a serviceman if you didn’t truly earn it. If you do, you honestly deserve to have your ass kicked.

[via YouTube]

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