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Drunk Cyclist Dragged Away From Taco Bell By Cops At 3 A.M., Takes Saddest Mugshot Ever

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A hammered Florida resident wanted late-night Taco Bell, but when the restaurant wouldn’t serve him because he was on a bicycle in the drive-thru lane, he was dragged away by police, Gordita Crunch-less and very sad.

Gabriel Harris, a very melancholy blue-haired man, refused to leave the New Smyrna Beach, Fla., Taco Bell after placing an order right as the restaurant was closing at 3 a.m. The tired as hell Taco Bell employees called the police, who showed up minutes later to find Harris sitting on his bicycle at the drive-thru speaker, glassy-eyed like a small child who was next in line right as the mall Santa went on break.

From WFTV:

Reports said police found Harris sitting on the bicycle at the speaker. Police said as officers asked Harris to leave they spotted a Swiss Army knife on his belt loop. An officer reached for the knife, but Harris grabbed his wrist.

The officer wrestled Harris to the ground and arrested him.

The bloody, hungry, weepy Harris was booked at the local precinct, where he took the magnificent mugshot above, probably after getting handed a peanut butter and jelly sandwich and a small bag of saltless pretzels in his jail cell.

He faces one charge of resisting arrest with violence.

[via WFTV]

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