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Donald Trump Doesn’t Think Poor People Or Children Should Be Playing Golf

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Bumbling idiot and United States presidential candidate Donald Trump doesn’t believe poor people or children should be playing golf, a game he thinks is for rich retired people.

Trump, who has 18 golf courses under his name around the world, is tired of dealing with children and poors at his relaxation spots. The man who recently stumbled through a batch of inflammatory comments calling Mexican people “rapists” and “killers” had this to say about the game of golf…


“I think I’m in a minority, but I feel differently about golf. I feel golf should be an aspirational game, something people aspire to. People should come to golf, golf shouldn’t come to them.” …

“Golf should be something beautiful, elegant, something people aspire to play eventually.” …

“It may be elitist, and perhaps that’s what golf needs. Let golf be elitist. When I say ‘aspire,’ that’s a positive word. Let people work hard and aspire to some day be able to play golf. To afford to play it. They’re trying to teach golf to people who will never be able to really play it. They’re trying too hard. Because of the expense of playing, and the land needed, golf is never going to be basketball, where all you need is a court.

“All these great athletes, you know what they do when they retire? They do nothing but play golf. Basketball players, hockey players, football players, all they want to do is golf.

“Let it be aspirational instead of bringing it down by trying to get players to do it when they’re 15 years old and they’re also learning other sports. I think it’s very damaging to the game.”

As many level-headed people are aware, most of golf’s greatest players came from financially strained situations as children. The idea that kids and poor people shouldn’t be playing golf is just ridiculous rhetoric from a real life human troll who loves infuriating the world with his stupid comments and bullshit hair.

Donald Trump is not a real human being. He is complicated trolling algorithm engineered by the government that has taken human form, knowing exactly the right time to spout the most inane bullshit that will elicit national outcry and unify the country. He is a walking, talking representation of every down-voted comment you’ve ever seen on the internet.

Sometimes it’s funny. Sometimes it’s annoying. Sometimes it’s offensive. But it’s always wrong.


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