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Donald Trump Calls Mizzou Leaders “Babies” For Resigning

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GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump had some harsh words for the two University of Missouri leaders who resigned because of pressure from student protests last week.

Trump, who is still leading or next-to-leading in the GOP polls somehow, called Mizzou leaders “babies” for quitting and not standing their ground. He’s right, too.

From The New York Times:

A week after officials at the University of Missouri resigned amid protests and claims of widespread racism, Donald J. Trump called those who stepped down “babies” and said he did not think that discrimination was a problem on the campus.

“I think they sent the absolutely wrong signal when they resigned so sheepishly,” Mr. Trump said in an interview with Yahoo News. “It just showed such grotesque weakness and that just sent a signal to go out and do whatever you want to do, and now you’re going to see this problem all over.”

“Many of those demands were absolutely — not all — but many of those were absolutely over the top,” he said. “And to watch these two men grovel and resign like two babies — whoever paid them in the first place?”

Trump is absolutely right in his critique of these officials, who legitimized this movement by stepping down and not putting up any kind of fight. Babies. Cowards. Meh, even talking about it leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

You know where these kinds of shenanigans don’t happen? Trump University. Where everything is beautiful and class is held out by the pool and cafeterias have nothing but resort food and the football team is always ranked in the top ten. Trump University is a special place where racism doesn’t exist because everyone is too happy all the time to even notice outside societal problems. No liberal arts or communications courses for you at Trump U — everyone majors in business. And everyone who graduates leaves with a job lined up and a signed copy of Trump’s book, “The Art Of The Deal.”

That’s a place, unlike Mizzou, that I’d like to go to college. A place where protesters are told by bold administrators to “STFU” and “GTFO.” That is the world Donald Trump is offering us today. Who is going to take him up on it?

[via NY Times]

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