Delta Tau Delta Nationals Pulls Recognition Of WVU Colony Over Real World Audition Tape

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Last week, we covered the suspension of the entire Delta Tau Delta colony at West Virginia University by nationals over a pretty unremarkable piece of satire that a member made as an audition tape for the iconic MTV show Real World. Here’s a clip from the now-deleted video. Homeboy clearly intended to be an over-the-top cliché frat douche caricature of himself, but his delivery leaves much to be desired.

I can’t quite put my finger on what “it” is, but this poor man’s road warrior doesn’t got “it.” Plus the humor doesn’t really hit, causing the tape to come off as legitimately misogynistic with his constant referral to women as “bitches.”

Since the jokes not only fell flat, but bombed, nationals is apparently embarrassed that this kid who didn’t live up to the organization’s high comedic standards was associated with their letters in the first place. They announced today that they were withdrawing recognition from the WVU colony and shutting the whole damn thing down.

From The D Post:

According to a press release from the Delta Tau Delta national headquarters, the WVU colony failed to make “satisfactory progress towards achieving the requirements necessary to qualify for full chapter status.” Those requirements include academics, membership size and the ability to self-govern.

WVU fraternity Delta Tau Delta was originally placed on “interim suspension” by its national organization on Wednesday, April 6, while the organization investigated an offensive video shot at the Delta fraternity house on North High Street.

“I certainly understand the range of emotions such a decision may cause for the membership of Delta Tau Delta,” Roy Baker, associate dean of students and director of Greek Life at WVU, said. “The national headquarters has made its membership expectations abundantly clear. These expectations align with the direction we are taking Student Life to strengthen the Greek community at WVU.”

“Academics, membership size, ability to self-govern.” Just come out and say it, Delt. This clown was a hack actor. Just zero camera presence or charisma. If he drops a few “B” bombs, but is a total showman, you’re giving that colony its charter as I type this. No questions asked. But dude was a total stiff and you needed to strip him of his letters immediately. I get that.

However, I can’t really say I understand this move of getting rid of the entire colony’s existence. The point of colonizing new schools is to continually grow your fraternity nationwide. We call that Manifrat Destiny. So to hit the self-destruction button this fast over ONE kid and his piss poor attempt at humor seems premature and questionable.

Not to mention, Delt didn’t even tell the colony it was no longer recognized by the national organization, they found out like the rest of us.

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 6.43.22 PM

Dick move, Delt.

[via The D Post]

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