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Delta Gamma Theta From Ohio Sentenced To Life Without Parole For Killing Newborn

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Delta Theta Gamma

Emile Weaver, a 20-year-old Delta Gamma Theta from Muskingum University in New Concord, Ohio was convicted on counts of aggravated murder, abuse of a corpse, and tampering with evidence. She was sentenced this week to life in prison without parole on charges of killing her newborn on April 22, 2015.

According to her counsel, Weaver acted in denial about being pregnant, despite the prosecution presenting evidence of her purchasing drugs purposed to induce miscarriages. She allegedly amped up her drinking, smoking and physical activity while she was pregnant, again trying to force a miscarriage.

Finally, in a bloody scene in the DGT bathroom, Weaver delivered the child. According to her testimony, she cut the umbilical cord with a knife from the sorority house’s kitchen and shoved the child, with placenta, in a plastic bag, disposing of the bag in a garbage can outside. An autopsy found the child was born healthy, had taken a few breaths, and died from asphyxiation inside the plastic bag.

Soon thereafter, she texted the child’s presumptive father, saying there was “no more baby” and it was “taken care of.” Unfortunately for Weaver, she left her crime scene for other sisters to find. DNA tests would later prove the recipient of the incriminating texts actually was not the father.

From the Chicago Tribune:

That night, the rumors about Weaver’s pregnancy widened into open conversation as four Deltas chatted over ice cream. They were pretty sure she was pregnant, and her behavior — drinking, smoking, sports — worried them, [Delta Sister] Madison Bates later testified thinking.

“When we got back to the house, I suggested what if she threw [the baby] away,” Bates said in court, according to the Times Recorder. “They kind of thought it was a ridiculous idea, but Elise said she would go look, and I said I would go with her.”

Madison Bates’ hunch was correct. The sisters uncovered Weaver’s child in the trash can behind the house, affectionately called “The Castle.” Immediately, they phoned the head of Greek life, who called the police, who wasted little time tracking down Weaver.

“That night and the next day, Weaver was interviewed by detectives from the Muskingum County Sheriff’s Office. She told them that although it had crossed her mind she might be pregnant, but she didn’t display normal signs like nausea or stretch marks. And she said she did not gain much weight, according to a recording of the interview, reported by the Times Recorder.

Fast forward a year to when her trial took place. Weaver lived a quasi-normal life during her final year of freedom, sending out cryptic tweets and still drinking for two. A landmark case fifteen years prior at the same university most likely gave her reason to believe she could get off easily.

In 2002, Muskingum student Jennifer “Nikki” Bryant wrapped her newborn in a blanket and put the child in a trash can, where the child died. Bryant pleaded guilty to involuntary manslaughter, child endangering and abuse of a corpse. She was sentenced to three years in prison but only served seven months.

Weaver’s situation was very similar, but the aggravating factors are overwhelming.

According to sisters and the judge, Weaver displayed little to not remorse. The judge overseeing the trial denounced her indifferent apology letter, asking for the minimum sentence, in which she uses “I” 15 times. The judge wasn’t fooled, and, in turn, slammed her with the maximum penalty allowed in Ohio, short of lethal injection.

Although Weaver plans to appeal the sentence, I don’t see her going anywhere. Though she’s not insane, she’s clearly a sociopathic nutjob who has zero contrition about asphyxiating her child. For the love of God, she texted the assumed baby-daddy “no more baby, taken care of.” It’s as though she was shooing away a nosy roommate for some late-night antics.

I don’t think they take too kindly to baby-killers in the women’s pen, Emilie.

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[via Chicago Tribune]

Image via Muskingum Delta Gamma Theta

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