Deep Ellum Brewing’s American Blonde “Goes Down Easy,” Pisses Off The Humorless

If you’re reading this, chances are you’re a pretty big fan of beer and women with a “certain morally casual attitude.” If you like both of these things, you’re definitely in the right place. However, there are some out there who do not like those two things. In fact, they’re getting pretty worked up over them in the most stupid way imaginable.

Deep Ellum Brewing, a craft beer producer out of Dallas, is taking some heat right now for a slogan that some people find controversial. As in most cases like this, these people are overreacting, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.

Deep Ellum’s American Blonde Ale is causing quite the controversy for some people out there. The beer, which sports an image of a kind of creepy looking doll in a blonde wig on the can, has a pretty creative slogan if I do say so myself. “Goes Down Easy.” Deep Ellum’s Blonde goes down easy.

What’s all the fuss about? Anyone who’s had the beer knows it’s refreshing. It’s not overly bitter, and like the slogan says, it goes down easy. No bad aftertaste at all. Sounds like a pretty appropriate slogan to me.

However, some people out there find the slogan offensive and they’re letting everyone know about it. I mean, the government shut down just ended, the healthcare debate is nowhere close to being solved, but fuck it. Let’s spend our time and energy bitching about a beer slogan. That seems productive.

Genevieve Cato, a writer for Burnt Orange Report, is one of many who is upset about this issue.

“Shouldn’t we expect more of our local Texas breweries than to rely on rape culture to sell their beer?”

Rape? Who said anything about rape? The slogan is “Goes Down Easy.” It’s not “Force Her Down Against Her Will.” A beer with a slogan like that would probably taste like piss anyway. Look, for all we know, this blonde just likes to have a little fun. Maybe she’s waiting until marriage to lose her v-card. There’s nothing here that indicates she’s not a consenting adult. I don’t see how this is “rapey” at all, but hey, people have to bitch about something, right?

This is craft beer we’re talking about here, folks. For one thing, it’s for adults. Legally, kids can’t drink it. So what if the slogan is a little inappropriate? Secondly, isn’t this kind of the spirit of the microbrew? Edgy, bold, and unrefined? If you’re not mature enough to find a slogan like that to be funny and clever, or at least to put up with it, maybe you’re not mature enough to be drinking beer.

[via Fox News]

Image via Deep Ellum Brewing


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