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Dance And Ballet Are Both Insanely Stupid

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A recent controversy has taken over much of the internet in the last few days, and it revolves around this picture:

Spanish Vogue by @miguelreveriego

A photo posted by Kendall Jenner (@kendalljenner) on

In case you aren’t aware (who could blame you?), that is a photo of Kendall Jenner posing in a ballet outfit. Yep, that’s all there is to it. Nothing to see here, move right along. But try to bear with me on this one: People are outraged because Kendall Jenner is not a professional dancer, and never has been. People from all corners of the internet are throwing a fit because Kendall Jenner is “ruining ballet” and supposedly making a mockery of the “art.” Don’t believe me? It took around five seconds to find the following tweets, and there are thousands more.

Come on, guys. The Arthur meme is rotting in a landfill at this point. I’ve spoken to some dancers that I know (amateur ones, I might add), and they seem to share the sentiment that Kendall Jenner has “ruined” and “tarnished” the art of dance and ballet. Yes, something that has been practiced for over 600 years is now completely ruined because of an Instagram photo from a celebrity.

I get the point, though. How DARE she dress like something she isn’t! In fact, this is all the more important with Halloween coming up. My parents recently showed me an old photo of me dressing as a firefighter when I was five. Looking back at it now, I can’t believe I had the FUCKING GALL to ruin firefighting like that! I was a kid with no training and had never so much as put out a single fire, and there I was spitting in the face of all firemen. I’m not even sure how the profession is still around after I ruined it back in ’99.

So my message is this: The next time you think of dressing as a firefighter or police officer for Halloween, or the next time you wear a football Jersey on Sunday, take a moment to think of the extent to which you’re desecrating the history and importance of what you’re trying to emulate.


You make me sick, you little fuck.

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