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Curt Schilling Hosted A Reddit AMA, Went Off On Liberals, ESPN, And Hillary Clinton

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I’m a big Curt Schilling fan. I grew up watching the guy win ball games for the Phillies in the nineties, then take down the Yankees with the D-backs, and finally lift the Red Sox curse in 2004. Ever since he retired, though, Curt has become quite a loose cannon. For example, he once demolished some Twitter trolls tweeting #ButtStuff about his daughter. That’s just the tip of the iceberg for ol’ Curt, which culminated in him getting canned from ESPN.

The other day, he decided to field questions from random people on the internet in a Reddit AMA. Let’s take a look at some of the highlights. You knew it was going to be good when you looked at the description he provided.

Hey folks, obviously conservative, 2A backing, Pro life baseball loving GoT and WoW idolizing blessed guy. 4 wicked awesome kids and a wife way hotter than yours, I think! I’m voting for Mr Trump, and if you want to ask why feel free, anything else is on the table, 38 Studios, Sox, DBacks, liberal ignorance and the spineless keyboard cowboys we all laugh at.

A little concerning that Curt is a WoW guy. How many people you actually want to associate with play WoW? The answer is zero. My pledge brother’s freshman year roommate would do nothing but play WoW all day and night. One night when he wasn’t actually in the room while we pregamed, I pissed on his computer. Had to teach him a lesson. I digress, though. Curt makes up for it by having a hotter wife, and is willing to brag about it. Nice.

He spent most of the next few hours bashing ESPN, the liberal mindset, and Hillary Clinton.

Everyone who watches ESPN knows that they toe the liberal line. But how is that possibly enforceable in a company whose tries to market itself to sports loving dudes?
Curt: It’s a liberal mindset. They think if they don’t acknowledge the accusations then they aren’t true. Up top it’s the most exclusive fraudulent bunch of phonies ever

If you go to any social media site, you will find that this mindset is certainly true for the vast majority of liberals. Nothing I love more than getting into an argument with someone and bringing facts to the table that they won’t have any of. Makes for a productive conversation.

How do we beat political correctness? It seems like if you have any criticism of Islam or illegal immigration, the left will label you a racist. What can we do to fight this?
Curt: Not give a shit what the ‘left” says. THey’re cowards, when they call you on it tell them to piss off. They’ll either try to sue, look for a safe space or make up another name for you. None of that will in any way be harmful btw.

I wish that we could actually beat political correctness. It’s a battle that won’t end, and our generation is to thank for that. We are a bunch of sissies who get butthurt at words. Thankfully, there are pledge trainers like me out there to toughen kids up.

Were you ever on the left side of things? If so what uncucked you?
Curt: No, I grew up American, with American values and beliefs in a family that served. Had I not been able to throw a baseball real fast real accurate it’s what I would have done

Anyone else catch that he’s essentially insinuating that being on the left side of things is un-American? I’m not saying I agree, but I’m not saying I don’t agree either.

Do you feel like there is a danger of “coming out” as a Conservative/Trump supporter as a celebrity?
Curt: “The only danger is if you HAVE To work for someone you don’t respect and that doesn’t respect the 1st Amendment. This “represents our company” bullshit is laughable. Why on earth would anyone care what people they don’t know, think?

Thinly-veiled shot at the Worldwide Leader In Sports here. ESPN has gone downhill fast, and you gotta think that it’s karma for not giving the 1st Amendment the love it so rightfully deserves. John Hancock didn’t write his name in big ass letters so ESPN could censor guys like Curt.

Which Hillary Scandal is your favorite?
Curt: First things first. Why do we allow the media to call her CRIMES scandals? Passing state secrets? Crime. Taking money from foreign gov’ts as Sec of State? Crime. Scandal? What idiot talks shit about landing under fire MULTIPLE TIMES without REALIZING there was video? You know who? SOmeone who thinks shes A) Above the rest of us peasants and B) Talking to a world of stupid people

What do you dislike most about Hillary Clinton?
Curt: That she breathes air meant for good humans.

Would you rather keep your 2001 World Series MVP or see Hillary rot in a prison cell?
Curt: The latter

I think it’s safe to say that Curt won’t be taking any meetings with Hillary anytime soon. Love the fact that he’d be willing to give up his World Series MVP trophy just to see Hillary rot in prison. Not many guys would be willing to give up such a great treasure.

You say your wife is hotter then mine? What are your reasonings behind this findings sir?
Curt: I’ve seen mine naked, lots.

Need more reasoning than that, Curt. Like maybe some pics of said wife naked just to confirm.

[via Reddit]

Image via YouTube

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