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Creepy Man Dresses Up Like Lady, Sneaks Into Dorm To Take Pictures Of Girls

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If there’s one thing movies and television have taught me about being a perv, it’s that it is perfectly acceptable, even charming in a “boys will be boys” sort of way, so long as you haven’t graduated. Porky’s, Animal House, and Revenge of the Nerds all reinforce this, and for better or worse (probably the latter) they heavily influenced my childhood. I had a sick telescope collection, you guys, but when I graduated I sealed off my peepholes and threw out my stolen panty collection. It was time to grow up. Like I said, being a shameless perv is only okay if you haven’t graduated. If you happen to be doing it as a 46-year-old man, and you’re not paying for it, then you’re just a creep.

CORONA, Calif. — A 46-year-old man accused of dressing as a woman while attempting to take pictures of women across San Bernardino County has been arrested for allegedly striking a security guard while trying to flee a college campus, authorities said.

Rodney Kenneth Petersen was arrested at his Corona home Friday and booked on suspicion of assault with a deadly weapon. Authorities allege Petersen went to Loma Linda University on June 4 and tried to enter several “students only” areas at a female dormitory. After staff members confronted him, officials say Peterson left the building and headed toward a parking lot, where he was met by security.

Sheriff’s officials said their investigation revealed Petersen dressed as a woman and went to other “female-only facilities” in Rancho Cucamonga and Yucaipa, where he allegedly tried to take pictures with a cellphone hidden in his purse.

One could argue that because Rodney Petersen was in drag, some sort of Benny Hill exception applies, making this perverted act funnier than it is creepy. I suppose until we know how antic-filled his escape was, we should reserve judgment. Though considering he struck the security guard with his car and not a large dead fish or something, the Benny Hill exception seems unlikely to be granted. Besides, taking one look at his face is enough to confirm that this dude is basically just a full on creep.

Looking at his picture has me seriously wondering how Petersen even got into these female facilities dressed like a woman. Who in their right minds thought the guy in the picture above was a female!?! Maybe nobody wanted to ask because they were afraid of offending someone who they thought was just a really, really lazy transgender person? It’s California, I could see it.

[via KTLA]


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