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Court Rules Students Can’t Wear USA Flag T-shirts On Cinco De Mayo

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People have been getting bent out of shape for others throwing parties that target certain nationalities, like this, this, and this, but I never thought I would see the day when people would whine and bitch about kids wearing American flag T-shirts.

Thursday, a federal appeals court agreed with the actions of school officials who told students to turn their American flag T-shirts inside out during a previous Cinco de Mayo celebration. The reason behind the school’s decision was based on the thought that there would be an increased threat of racial violence between the white and Latino students.

Really? An American flag is the reason for racial violence in the USA? Are you fucking kidding me? If you live in the US and the flag doesn’t give you a star-spangled boner every time you see it, you should probably question why you’re in this country in the first place. I’m going to assume the “Cinco de Mayo celebration” was just like most other Cinco de Mayo celebrations in the US: cheap tacos and burritos, but no real celebration of what the actual Mexican holiday is about. Also, with no margaritas either, because apparently having alcohol at school is frowned upon

An attorney representing one of the kids, William Becker, makes the best point about this situation.

“The 9th Circuit upheld the rights of Mexican students celebrating a holiday of another country over U.S. student proudly supporting this country.”

Last time I checked, this is still the USA, and we should be able to celebrate our awesome flag and American pride any day we want. I’m completely okay with people having pride in their heritage, but getting mad at people for wearing a flag of the country they live in is absolutely ridiculous. If you think some T-shirts are going to cause violence in your school, you should probably reevaluate how shitty of a job you’re doing at running your school.

[via Independent Journal Review]

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