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Couple Has Sex In Broad Daylight, Picture Of It Goes Viral

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Ah, drunk lust. The passion builds throughout the night, from a mutual eye-fucking to buying drinks and some dancing if you’re drunk enough to find it fun. Soon enough, you’re playing tonsil hockey, making your way to second base, trying to round the bases for that home run. If you’re a seasoned vet of the game, you can complete this timeline before the night is up and avoid having to deal with the awkwardness of actually taking a girl home. The vast majority struggle to play at that level because of one big roadblock: Where the hell are you gonna do it?

You could do what these bold sexual beings did: skip finding somewhere private and just do it in public.


A couple have been caught having sex on a pavement in broad daylight, just metres away from a main road.

Residents of Minsk in Belarus say they were woken by ‘loud moans’ in the early hours, suggesting that romance struck as the couple headed home after a night out.

The man is wearing a black Nike jumper with his trousers around his ankles as he holds his bare-bottomed girlfriend while she touches the floor.

The source article has an image for your perverted viewing pleasure. I can’t get over just how public they are or how blatantly clear it is that they simply do not care who sees them. His pants are around his ankles, not even a sneaky peen coming out from the top of his unbuttoned pants. The balls on this guy.

I’m not one to be shy, but I’m also not one for being arrested just to get some action. Maybe they’re into exhibitionism, which in this case worked out pretty well. A viral image of you going at it is about as big of an exhibition you can get in the digital age.


Image via Shutterstock

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