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Counterpoint: John Mayer Actually Still a Bro

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Counterpoint: John Mayer Actually Still a Bro

In Response To: Newflash: John Mayer is Still an Asshole

Sure he plays the guitar, has stupid hair and the occasional goofy mustache, but John Mayer is a complete bro. Is it really his fault that he attracts some of the hottest celebrities (Swift, Aniston)? A lot of people seem to think that Taylor Swift is this innocent, sweet hearted girl that falls into bad luck with guys all the time. Maybe some of her music is true, but let’s be real: Taylor Swift could get just about any guy in the world to be her slave. Admit it. You’d do it.

Maybe he hasn’t come out with anything good since 2006, and maybe Taylor Swift is tearing up the charts with every whiny, sappy love song she writes about a boy that wouldn’t ask her to the prom or is banging six other girls behind her back or something, but John Mayer doesn’t need to be on the charts. He likely doesn’t have time to write music with all the women on top of him. I mean, that sly bastard wrote the song “Daughters” just so he could fuck the shit out of every single daughter in the world if he so pleased. Well played Mayer, well played.

I’m a guilty pleasure fan of Taylor Swift and all, but let’s not berate this man. After all, a lot of his tunes will get any girl aroused, as it clearly did with Swift and Aniston. John Mayer, plain and simple, is an ass pulling machine, and can’t be blamed for some clingy 19 year old’s problems.

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