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Cornell TriDelts Vandalize a University Performing Arts Building

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Avicii recently had a concert at Cornell University, and apparently it was pretty wild. During the show six people had to be hospitalized, I assume because the beats were so sick that they actually made people ill. Or it was related to copious amounts of drugs, one or the other probably.

It would seem that some Cornell TriDelts in attendance were also sent into a craze by Avicii’s crazy dope beats. After the show they decided to show their campus some Delta Love with a can of silver spray paint. Judging from the looks of the these walls and hallways the homeless population of Ithaca is going to really impressed with TriDelt’s sisterly spirit.

I feel as though they missed a real opportunity here by not tagging something like this:

But then again, between going to an all guy high school and being in a fraternity, I’ve been conditioned to draw a dick on any and everything I don’t own.

It’s also unfair to immediately assume that this was the work of actual TriDelts. This would definitely be a quality way to screw over a rival sorority if one were so inclined. Really it’s the perfect crime. Well, stealing from the blind is the perfect crime, but this one is good too.



Apparently some people shit in the bleachers too. I’m surprised at you Cornell, shitting in the bleachers? For shame. That’s the sort of behavior I expect from…wait for it…BROWN LOLOLOLOLLOLAWLROFLLLZZZZZ


[h/t to reader James A Brofield]


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