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Cornell Students Lose Their Damn Minds After Football Coach Appropriates Mexican Culture With Sombreros Tweet

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You’d think those brainiacs over at Cornell University would be a little smarter when it comes to not appropriating someone else’s culture and offending an entire nation. But it appears that’s not the case as one of The Big Red’s football coaches nearly started an international incident by tweeting a picture of two of his players wearing sombreros.


The tweet was fired off by offensive coordinator and line coach Roy Istvan earlier this week. It was then retweeted by the university’s official Twitter account from where the social justice warriors mobilized.

Sweet baby Jesus. Look at the smug look on their culture appropriating faces. Look at their white privilege on full display. It makes me sick.

Thankfully, a student group dedicated to, I assume, wasting everyone’s time was swift in response to the injustice.

From The Cornell Daily Sun:

The tweet was criticized by Movimiento Estudiantil Chicanx de Aztlán de Cornell, or MEChA, a student organization that ‘promotes higher education, cultura and historia,’ according to their national website.

‘I think this is indicative of the problem that a decent portion of Cornellians kind of don’t have sympathy for one another,’ said Barbara Cruz ’19, the secretary of MEChA de Cornell. ‘Cornell prides itself on ‘any student, any study,’ but it kind of feels as if a lot of people don’t want us here.’

‘[I am] absolutely embarrassed to attend a university that publicly, or not publicly, supports this [tweet], and hope to work collaboratively to ensure that university communications, and all staff and faculty, receive much needed diversity and cultural sensitivity training,’ Matthew Indimine ’18, the executive vice president of the Student Assembly wrote in a comment on MEChA’s post.

If you look up the definition of “microaggression” then you’d surely find this response as an example. Clearly, Barbara and Matthew, the football coach was being horribly insensitive by having his players wear sombreros he likely got at Chevys Fresh Mex for his birthday. I’m sorry this tweet gave you PTSD. I, as a Mexican American, am glad you’re dedicating your time to such a worthy cause. We’ve got plenty of people dedicated to the high rate of illegal immigration and other issues. I’m glad you guys are going full boots on the ground to combat this injustice on American college campuses.

Just kidding. Pretty sure you were bored or needed extra credit for a social warrior class so you decided to drum up this controversy to hear yourselves talk.

The tweet has since been deleted and the coach has apologized for its insensitivity. Crisis averted.

[via The Cornell Daily Sun]

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