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Colorado Targets “Bros” For Obamacare With Awful Ads

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With its website not actually working and more people lined up against the law than those who actually support it, it’s safe to say that Obamacare has had its struggles. We now live in a country where citizenship isn’t required, but insurance apparently is. Regardless, a new health care site in Colorado thinks that this is nothing more than a problem of branding.

No, they aren’t referring to it being called Obamacare in the first place instead of the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (ACA). They think that they’re going after the wrong demographic in general and missing out on a huge target market in the meantime: bros.

So, in the spirit of Bacon Breakdowns, let’s explore this phenomenon a bit.

First of all, the site is named, but also directs to it. Awful.

Secondly, here’s the first ad:


Beyond being a rip off of the “Got Milk?” campaign, #GotInsurance seems to hit the essentials on a first pass. They have a keg, red Solo cups, American flag shorts, and guys who seem like they’re enjoying a relaxing Tuesday night. Still, upon closer inspection, some flags arise. First of all, “Rob” is definitely wearing jorts and a deep V-neck. “Zach” has an awful beard and a plastic watch. “Sam” has tube socks and is sticking his tongue out like it’s the ’90s or something and he’s screaming “wazzzzup?”

Further, keg stands are not crazy. If anything, keg stands are those things you do at college solely because you think you should do them. They’re part of the fraternal tradition, like toga parties and pregnancy scares. They’re fun I suppose, but crazy? Come on now. Also, who in college is not on their parents’ insurance? If you’re a graduate and still deciding between beer money or health care, you really need to get a better job.


Again we find “Zach” with his hipster beard and “Sam” with his tubes, this time hitting the links. Cool time, right? Well, not if your form is as terrible as Sam’s is, or you spend the entire time pissing off your foursome on your phone like Zach. Why he is still drinking out of a Solo cup and not a pounder anyhow?

Worse, the ad implies that he is currently calling his mom to ask her, “Yo, do I got insurance?” Why would he do this while his “buddy for life” Sam is about to hit one from the fairway? Is it because he’s standing dangerously close to the backswing? Is it because his beard is infected? Is it because he’s a complete boner?

The copy on the ad — I shit you not — is “My girlfriend broke my heart, so me and the bros went golfing. Then my buddy broke my head. Good thing Mom made sure I got insurance.” Broke your head? What? Did you mean to say that your buddy broke up with his girlfriend because you were banging her on the side? The believability of Zach’s bro breaking his head on the course, Zach calling his mom and only asking her if he have insurance by saying “Yo” and talking like a moron is nonexistent at best.

It’s bad enough that the media continuously portrays horrific imitations of “bro” and “frat” culture. Now, in an effort to appeal to them, Obamacare has taken to it, as well.


Well rounded coverage? I’m done. Why would you even mention pregnancy when trying to appeal to young men out there? I can’t think of another thing that would make me exit out a website sooner. Well, other than Obamacare.

[via BuzzFeed]


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