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College Park City Council Will Ruin Greek Life Unless UMD Students Elect This Recent Graduate

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At the University of Maryland, much of the Greek community resides off-campus in the town of College Park. The rent is cheap, the amenities are sweet, and, most importantly, the students can throw the type of parties you would expect a Greek organization to throw.

But College Park’s current city council wants to pass a bill banning students from renting houses off-campus. They tried to do it last year, and you can be sure as shit they’ll try it again soon. If the bill passes, it’s sayonara to the sacred tradition of party hopping along College Avenue, and hello to pricey, dingy student apartment complexes too small to throw down in.

This would be a tremendous blow to Greek life at the University of Maryland. Where are they supposed to hold social events? We all know you can’t drink in those million dollar mansions in the village. And whether you’re Greek or not, the cost of the student apartment complexes you’d be forced into (unless you manage to squeeze into a room on campus) are ball busting – about $300 more per month.

The council members supporting the ban say they want to create a “balance in our neighborhoods between rental and owner occupied,” but they seem to be overlooking this simple fact: renting to college kids is an endless well of easy money. Fraternity men will live pretty much anywhere as long as it’s in a convenient location with enough space for a dance floor. Also, with college kids making up such a large portion of the population – it is called College Park, after all – houses will likely remain vacant if filling them with UMD students is illegal. Mass foreclosure is never a good thing for a town.

But there’s hope for students and townsfolk yet. A recent graduate from UMD named Ryan Belcher is running for city council with the goal of putting out this dumpster fire of a bill before it comes to fruition. He also promises to crack down on the noise and trash from students, so everybody wins.

UMD students and College Park residents can preserve their way of life by registering to vote here. In a town with such a young population, it only makes sense that the age group be represented in the local government.

h/t BroBible

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Alex Buscemi

AKA Boosh. Former high school back-up wide receiver. Author of two pretty successful Reddit comments. Recent grad from the University of South Carolina.

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