College Kid Gets Blackout Drunk, Designs Next-Level Aircraft, Claims To Not Remember A Damn Thing

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College Kid Gets Blackout Drunk, Designs Aircraft, Claims To Not Remember A Damn Thing

Mark (which isn’t his real name – he is going by that to protect future employment) is a 19-year-old college student at Michigan Tech. Just like the rest of the college world, he enjoys getting a little loose on a Friday night by hitting the local bars. After downing a few rum and cokes and vodka tonics, Mark stumbled home drunk with the brilliant idea to build an airplane.

His lame roommate who was at home sober sat and watched, and laughed, as Mark went to work on this whiteboard.

According to The Guardian, the design is for a “high-speed aircraft that floats above water.” Pretty next-level shit for a 19-year-old.

I’m going to call bullshit on the fact that he doesn’t remember a thing. He might not remember doing all the math and whatnot, but when you wake up to a whiteboard that looks like some Good Will Hunting shit, a little lightbulb lights up. It’s as if to say “remember when you did this last night?” How many times have you gotten blackout, claimed not to remember something, and then your buddy reminds you of something funny that happened and everything just clicks? Exactly.

Some of the best ideas come when you and your boys are hammered drunk. That’s when the juices start flowing and pen hits the paper. I have numerous blueprints for the bar that I’ll open one day — two-stories, Greeks only on top, an open design to look down at the level below.

You can keep designing your planes while drunk, Mark. I’m going to keep convincing my friends that opening a bar is a must.

[via The Guardian]

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