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Chick Twitter Lost Its Mind After Some Girl Boldly Tweeted “College Boys Ask You On Real Dates”

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When it comes to dating, college guys don’t always get the best rap in the court of public opinion. Admittedly, with that first real taste of autonomy often comes the desire to get shitfaced, break tables, and orchestrate easy hookups after utilizing a cleverly placed #NAMEGAG2017. Getting all dressed up and spending $100 or $200 on a fancy dinner when all you could walk away with is a good night kiss? That’s not exactly at the top of the list for a lot of dudes when it comes to the pros of college life.

But for Western State Colorado University student Tatianna Saunders, the trope of the sucks-at-dating college guy is nothing more than a myth, and she expressed as much in a tweet that recently resurfaced to make the viral rounds.

From Buzzfeed:

At the time of her tweet, she was in her second semester of freshman year.

“I had been asked on dates in college, like actual, real dates to dinner, and coffee, and outdoors dates, and I did not at all have that same experience in high school,” Saunders told BuzzFeed News of what inspired the tweet.

“In high school guys didn’t want to take you anywhere, they just wanted to watch Netflix,” she added.

Haha, suck it, bumass high school guys. Go take your Netflix and just get the hell out of town.

To be honest though, as a former college guy whose idea of a great date consisted of throwing on The Killers and drinking 40s under a blanket fort, I’m a little bit shocked at Tatianna’s take here. It turns out that quite a few current and former college girls were shocked as well, and they took to the twitters to share their own not-as-ideal experiences.

Now, just because me and my college buddies weren’t out there wining, dining, and 69ing all fancy like back in the day, this obviously doesn’t mean that there aren’t tryhards gentlemen out there across the fine college campuses of America going out all to try and impress the ladies. Like with most things, college dating is all about one’s own personal experiences. Some college girls have bad ones. Some college girls, like Tatianna, have great ones.

So, thank you, Tatianna, for shedding light on the fact that not all college guys are out there trying to Netflix and chill while trying to land some cheap attempt to get with you. Oh, and also, sup?


A post shared by Tatianna Saunders (@tatianna.saunders) on

A post shared by Tatianna Saunders (@tatianna.saunders) on

Tmrrw is Monday, but at the end of the week, I get to see my Ollie Rose

A post shared by Tatianna Saunders (@tatianna.saunders) on

Probably my fav lake in NW CO

A post shared by Tatianna Saunders (@tatianna.saunders) on

Happy bappy

A post shared by Tatianna Saunders (@tatianna.saunders) on

[via Buzzfeed]

Image via Tatianna Saunders Instagram

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