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College Football Programs Ranked By Recruiting Advantages, According To ESPN

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College football recruiting is basically a sport all on its own. The lifeblood of every program is the yearly influx of new talent, and earning the signatures of that talent is a year-long dick-swinging contest that is extremely entertaining, sometimes shady, and downright heated at times.

Some programs have it easier than others. When you’re pitching a college town like Athens, for example, it’s much easier to land a commitment from an 18-year-old prospect than if you’re trying to convince the kid to spend four years in, say, Boise, Idaho.

But who really has the best recruiting jobs in the nation amongst the Power 5 conferences? ESPN decided to settle the score based on five different categories to see which team reigns supreme.

ESPN ranked each team on a scale of 1-5 for the following five categories:

• Favorable Geograph/Local Recruiting Territory

• Recruiting/Football Budget

• Facilities

• Chances At NFL

• Other Intangibles such as conference reputation, fan base, etc.

Here are the top ten teams according to ESPN:

10. University of Oklahoma
9. University of Michigan
8. Florida State University
7. University of Florida
6. University of Alabama
5. Lousiana State University
4. University of Southern California
3. University of Texas
2. Ohio State Univeristy
1. University of Georgia

A little surprised to see Alabama so far down the list — you know, that team that has raked in the top recruiting class each of the last four years? Sure, Alabama isn’t the greatest for “Favorable Geography/Local Recruiting Territory” because they have to compete with Auburn for recruits, but we’re talking about goddamn Nick Saban here.

Despite the Aggies claiming that “they run this state,” they came in at number 12 on the list — 9 spots behind their bitter rival Texas. In all fairness, though, ESPN did give Texas 5s across the board except for a 4 ranking on intangibles. They claimed the empty seats in the stands the last few years were worth the deduction of one point. Honestly, ESPN could have probably given Texas a -5 on intangibles. The Big 12’s reputation sucks right now, Texas has an offense that couldn’t score 20 points on a 6A high school team, and the stability of the coaching staff is about as strong as a fat person walking on a tight rope.

The worst team? That award goes to Boston College. Even Kansas managed to finish ahead of them (and Wake Forest). You know it’s bad when Kansas beats you.

[via ESPN]

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