Cincinnati Reds Manager Drops 77 F-Bombs In Pre-Game Tirade

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My original thought was to take this as a challenge. Could I exceed Reds manager Bryan Price’s 77 variations of “fuck” in one article? I believed I could. All of my bosses agreed. They also thought it was a bad idea to post an article composed nearly entirely of the word “fuck.” I simply shrugged my shoulders. Their word is my command. Unnecessary and excessive usage of a slang word for sexual intercourse will not be present in this article. Bryan Price’s unnecessary and excessive usage of a slang word for sexual intercourse will be present, however.

If you have not already deciphered from the article’s title, Cincinnati Reds manager Bryan Price had a bit of an issue with members of the media yesterday. It all went down before the Reds beat the shit out of Milwaukee last night. All 77 variations of the word “fuck” came flying out of his mouth as he unleashed an exceptionally uncreative strand of vulgarity that would’ve made Ozzie Guillen cream his panties.

A reporter asked a simple question — what the hell happened to Devin Mesoraco? Price vaguely answered the question and proceeded to escalate the interaction until a routine pre-game interview turned into a national news story.

Uncensored audio was released at some point, but was quickly removed from the web before anyone was able to download it for safekeeping. What we’re left with is the very entertaining, somewhat less intense censored recording of the tantrum. Several websites are claiming he dropped 77 bombs in all. I’m too lazy to count them all, so we’ll just go with their number. The fun starts around the 1:13 mark.

The man just lost it. On one hand, I feel for him. Having a reporter up your ass at all hours of the day is not envious in the least. On the other hand, he’s 52 years old. He just lost his cool with a bunch of guys whose entire job is recording everything he says and reporting on the soundbites that will get the most clicks. In the end, it provides six minutes of pure entertainment for those of us who couldn’t be bothered to care about the Reds and that’s enough for me.

Here is an excerpt from a transcript of the rant showing his prolific usage of “fuck.”

Let’s aim for 100 next time, Coach.


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