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Church in Dixon, Illinois Looks Like A Giant Penis From Above

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Churches are generally places of reverent thought and reflection, not dick jokes. (I imagine a church that also made dick jokes would be pretty awesome, as it might lighten up the mood a bit from the normal Sunday services.) One church in Dixon, IL is way ahead of us. So far ahead, that they just went and shaped their church like a dick, though it’s really only readily seen from the sky. It’s almost like they’re thanking the big guy upstairs for what half the congregation has downstairs.

The Christian Science Society of Dixon’s motto is “Rising Up,” which is just too fitting for how they designed the structure of their church. If 100 people were surveyed, Family Feud style about the motto of a church shaped like a giant penis, “Rising Up” would make the top 10 answers.

The photo itself, apparently snagged from Google maps, shows the building even sporting some nearby shrubbery to make it look anatomically correct. If I didn’t think it were too ridiculous to believe, I’d say they designed it this way on purpose. Of course, from the ground it looks like any regular church, but I bet somewhere a builder and an architect are telling stories about the time they built a church that looks like a giant penis when viewed from the average commercial airline or low-flying plane. What a bunch of dicks.

[via Chicagoist]

Image via Reddit


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