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Chris Kyle’s Dad Threatened To “Unleash Hell” On Clint Eastwood If Son Is Disrespected In “American Sniper”

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Chris Kyle's Dad Threatened To "Unleash Hell" On Clint Eastwiood If Son Is Disrespected In "American Sniper"

On Christmas Day, Warner Bros. Pictures and Village Roadshow Pictures will release “American Sniper” to the public. From what I’ve seen in the trailers, the movie looks intense. It portrays how the deadliest sniper in United States history, Chris Kyle, came about, and it includes a depiction of his four tours of duty in Iraq and how he managed to be a good father and husband throughout his deployments.

Kyle’s father, Wayne, had some reservations when he was approached by director Clint Eastwood about how Hollywood would portray his son in the film. He knows Hollywood has a tendency to change things to fit a certain agenda, so he went toe-to-toe with one of the most intimidating actors and directors in Hollywood and told him how he felt.

From Daily Mail:

Wayne Kyle said he looked into the eyes of the veteran director and warned him: ‘Disrespect my son and I’ll unleash Hell on you.’

I’m not sure if he can fit in his car with balls that big. Fortunately for Wayne and the Kyle family, Eastwood, along with Bradley Cooper — who plays Chris in the film — assured him that they will keep the integrity of Chris intact, and he has nothing to worry about.

‘They looked me in the eye and told me they would honor my son’s memory. That was good enough for me,’ said 65-year-old Kyle.
‘Both Mr Eastwood and Mr Cooper were men I could trust. They were very open and engaging and did not want to hide anything.’

Good on them. It would be a damn shame to tarnish the legend of an American hero. God bless you, Chris. I can’t wait to see this movie.

[via Daily Mail]

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