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No, The Charlottesville Racist Douchebags Aren’t “Frat Boys” — They’re Just Racist Douchebags

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charlottesville racist protests

Dear fake news: just because a college-aged racist dumbfuck is wearing a polo shirt, that doesn’t mean he’s in a fraternity. It’s crazy, but I promise you it’s true.

There have been no shortage of opinion pieces since the fallout of this weekend’s disgusting happenings in Charlottesville where alt-right, neo-Nazis — more commonly known as racist shitbags — decided to hold a rally that turned deadly. Just looking at the photos from the gangbang… I mean rally… you notice that a good chunk of the bozos were college-aged men dressed in polos and cargo shorts. That, for whatever reason, has led at least a few opinion writers in the media — and likely even more outside of the mainstream media — to label “frat boys” as “the new face of racism.”

That’s the headline for an article written by Allen Johnson at the Greensboro News & Record:

What disturbs me as much is the site of many of the supremacists and neo Nazis. They appear so …. young …. dressed like frat boys in polo shirts.

They are not the potbellied greybeards that I expected to see (though quite a few in the ranks of the supremacists did fit that stereotype).

How did this happen?

When did we arrive back in 1967?

It’s a similar miscategorization by A.C. Thompson over on ProPublica:

A large number have adopted a very clean cut, frat-boyish look designed to appeal to the average white guy in a way that KKK robes or skinhead regalia never could. Interviews show that at least some of these leaders have spent time in the U.S. armed forces.

The misinformation isn’t just contained to the U.S. media either.

Tom Eaton, a columnist for South Africa’s Times Live, describes the events like this:

This week’s march by fascist frat-boys in Charlottesville has been well described as an example of how America’s bourgeois, narcissistic far right has been emboldened by Donald Trump’s presidency.

I am officially shooketh. Some would even say triggered AF.

I am in no way trying to take away from the real focus of what transpired over the past few days: racist assholes decided to hold an idiot convention and curse out everyone who isn’t white, Christian and decided to move out of their parent’s place. It’s a shame America can’t celebrate diversity without having some turds turding all over it.

But let’s also make clear that these Nazi flag-carrying asswipes are in no way, shape, or form fraternity men. The fact I need to write that sentence in 2017 is perplexing in and of itself. In fact, if they held one of these rallies near a Greek row during the school year, I’d almost guarantee at least one protester would get a lit tiki torch shoved up their ass sideways by a drunken fifth year.

Maybe some of these guys think they’re in “fraternities” in the loosest sense of the word. Unfortunately for them, “fraternities” founded on hate by geeds circle-jerking in a basement doesn’t actually mean you finally got that elusive bid you’ve always been seeking. Every single legitimate fraternity I’ve seen is built on building better men, not pushing racist agendas. Do fraternity guys have a perfect history? Hell no. But start shouting racist shit or toss up a Nazi salute and you’ll learn the true definition of “getting your balls hazed off” real quick. Guaranteed.

So let’s stop complimenting these cargo short-wearing cocks with identifiers that link them to “frat boys.” They’re not. They’re not “white nationalists,” either. They’re neo-Nazis. They’re the lowest of the low. They’re racists.

[via Greensboro News & Record, ProPublica, Times Live]

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