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Canadian Sets New Beer Mile World Record And I Still Don’t Understand Why People Do This

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It’s a feat that combines my strongest and weakest activities. Give me a beer and I’ll make it disappear. Give me a mile and I’ll physically disappear. I can’t fathom why anyone would want to combine the two. Beer is incredible. Running makes me feel like the fatass that I secretly accept as my eventual destiny. These two activities should never be paired, but as with everything else in the world, someone felt as though two opposing forces deserved to be together in an effort to create yet another useless world record category.

The Beer Mile is a simple concept, with a not-so-simple training regimen required to compete for the record.

From Sports Illustrated:

The beer mile calls for a runner to drink beer for every lap on a 400-meter track for a mile. The beer must be 5.0 or higher in alcohol concentration and chugged from a 12 ounce can or bottle that has not been altered. Four beers consumed for four laps. No vomiting permitted.

An Australian was the last man to beat the record back in May 2014, but the highly esteemed authority on beer miles,, refused to ratify his time, saying that they were not certain he completely finished his final beer. Therefore, it was time for someone else to shine. Since Americans are too busy sitting on their ass and actually enjoying their beers, we had to turn to our northern little brothers to find a man unstable enough to vie for the record.

Meet Lewis Kent – Canadian, Beer Mile World Record Holder, and the worst drinking partner imaginable.

4 minutes, 51.90 seconds. Wow.

I’ll never understand how they do it. I’d either just take the beer or quit the laps, but the completion of both aspects would never enter my mind. Props to him, though.

The Beer Mile World Championship comes to Austin next month, and the fastest bar hop in Sixth Street history will certainly go down.

The legendary Donnie “Beer Shits” Martin would thrive in this event…

[via Sports Illustrated]

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