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Californians Grossly Overreact To Mildly Cold Weather

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California makes a compelling argument for us to kick it out of the union once every few months. Sometimes it’s major stuff like being more bankrupt than some European socialist states, and sometimes it’s the small things, like a brawl between democratic candidates for congress. This time, it’s Southern California having 50 degree highs for the week and reacting like the superstorm from The Day After Tomorrow is beating down their door.

The video is great. It’s newscasters bemoaning the weather, wondering when the “arctic blast” is going to end, and suggesting you grab the blankets, space heaters, and bunker down. Is it some kind of requirement to turn your balls in at the border when you enter California, or is it just a really successful voluntary program? Personally, I just hope it doesn’t get colder. If it does, we might have to contend with hipsters in ironic beard hats. I can’t deal with that.

No real explanation for the weather was given in the reports. Most seem to think it’s a cold front, but I think its a bitter former governator reprising one of his greatest roles of all time.

[via YouTube]

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