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California Gives Illegals College Scholarships

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So, apparently California passed a bill allowing illegal immigrants access to state-funded college scholarships. Although there are a number of reasons why this is a confusing decision on California’s part (crippling debt and a high influx of illegal immigrants reaping the benefits of state social institutions), the fact of the matter is people are getting extraordinarily heated about the rights of illegal immigrants and managing to ignore the first word of their classification: illegal.

What makes these immigrants illegal you might wonder? Well simply put, an illegal immigrant is a foreign citizen who immigrates into another country without meeting its legal immigration requirements. In the United States of America, we have immigration laws which allow people to apply to become English-speaking, Tax-paying, citizens. This process is called naturalization. I understand why people would want to come to the USA. Although everyone in the hyper-liberal media thinks this country is going to shit, we are far better off than most places and we are free to do just about anything we want. Scared for your life on your own property? Shoot the bastard who is scaring you. Sick and tired of the way your government is running things? Tell them. Hell, you can even set fire to the flag of the country that gives you these rights, but the people who take advantage of that right often don’t see the hypocrisy of the act. I digress.

The importance of going through the proper steps of naturalization is that you become an identifiable citizen of the United States. In order to enjoy the rights that the U.S. offers, you should have to pay taxes to support the government. This is why it does not make sense to offer state-funded scholarships to people who are not even baring the tax burden. Many argue that only a small fraction of the pool that receives aid are illegal immigrants, but this does not change the fact that there are others in California who could use that money and have paid into the system to deserve it.

Another problem that arises from all of this aid for illegals is the giant bitchslap to all of those who have gone through the naturalization process correctly. Oh you spent 7 years saving your money in Paraguay to be granted U.S. citizenship by learning our history, language, and government? Too bad, pal, that doesn’t earn any style points on the liberal barometer of who the U.S. should put on their back and support. Maybe if you would have hopped a border and ripped of the system for those 7 years you could have won their hearts.

I’m certainly not saying that we should treat illegal immigrants as less than human, because that is fucking ridiculous, but shouldn’t we be treating them like criminals? They are committing a crime are they not? Just like the guy who sells a little pot on the side to support the family he couldn’t afford in the first place, so too are illegal immigrants taking money tax-free. It is a crime, and last time I checked crimes landed you in prison…not in college.

Circumstances cannot be an argument in this case, because we do not have the money to support people who are not paying their dues to begin with. We have a hard enough time propping up those who have time to make 15 children in order to rape the welfare system but can’t seem to fill out a damn job application. The people up in arms about families being split apart because of immigration laws need to keep in mind that those people made a conscience decision to commit a crime and they suffered consequences. Have I no compassion? It may certainly seem like it. But next time you see people arguing that we should just up and open the border, keep in mind that they are tainting the very thing that many foreign citizens worked so hard to achieve. The right to call themselves an American.

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