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Buffalo & Company is becoming… Buffalo Jackson Trading Co.

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Why? Well, it’s a rather long story involving lawyers and a high fashion company (got to love those folks), but to strengthen our trademark, we decided it was important to have a distinct name and logo that reflects our story and mission.

In 2009, I started the company on the belief that we needed to bring back a timeless and rugged tradition in clothes. The clothing world in the name of “fashion” had taken some great companies and turned them into style nightmares. The list goes on but… A&F, Banana Republic, and even Burberry all had humble beginnings.

What would these folks think of what has become of their name?

Then there are all the new logo companies. Some are well done with great ideas, but it seems like everyone has a friend putting an animal on a polo shirt to sell for $70 on a website. It is getting a little ridiculous.

And now the latest trend? Well, some of the same companies that were selling feminized styles are now trying to switch into outdoor styles as if they knew a thing about rugged living.

I started our company, not for profit’s sake, but rather for the idea that we could explore the past and the take back a style that had seemingly been forgotten. We wanted to look into our American history, explore the traditions of camaraderie and character that were built by our forefathers, and were reflected in their clothes. We wanted to get back to the roots of what clothing was about. Perhaps rediscover what had been there all along.

Why Buffalo Jackson? For me it’s a blend of my Southern upbringing and Colorado outdoor experience. Jackson, WY was the town in which the brand was conceptualized. Just a bunch of college students sitting around and brainstorming about what they liked about men’s style and what they wished it was. Jackson is also a name deeply associated with cities and men of the South. The name seemed to create a nice, fitting blend.

You can see a short video when we were in the town of Jackson a few weeks ago…

After graduating from the University of Tennessee I moved out West, to learn from the mountains and the men who lived there. I had come from southern roots and traditions, reflected partly in the classic clothing and lifestyle associated with Dixie. The West did some needed roughing of the edges. I came to believe there was a natural mix between the rugged outdoors and classic traditions of the past, and that masculinity is not an either-or decision between rugged and classic. Rather I discovered that it can be both, best summed up in the phrase the rugged gentleman.

So as we move into our company’s next phase we would love your support. It all started with a few hundred bucks invested wisely in the midst of the recession. Now we are upgrading shirts, our logo, designing a new waxed canvas luggage series, dress shirts, bison leather casual shoes, and even some new koozies and sunglass straps. All with the mission – to honor men. And honor our past and traditions.

I believe you guys are a big part of our success. It’s clear we have many of the same American values, and we believe in and value the traditions that are instilled in the fraternity and the family. We uphold the classic masculine archetypes that have been lost to the feminization of men. We respect the libertarian and capitalistic views that our country needs to honor. And most importantly, I know we stand together in honoring the great men of American history. Not just the names we all know, but the common man who truly helped shape this country, from the frontier to the battlefield to the world of business. We are all part of that legacy. And as a company, we want to honor this. We stand on their shoulders.

As we begin to bring in new products under the Buffalo Jackson name, we hope to continue to re-inspire the generation of men to come. Thanks for helping us. We want to represent you in the ways we believe reflect an authentic American man in quality products and styles that you can be proud to wear in character and honor, and now through our new Buffalo Jackson name.

Oh, and we are selling all our old t-shirts, hats, and leather koozies for 50% off with code: BLOWOUT

Go to:

Honor your Wild,

Xan Hood – Founder of Buffalo Jackson / Buffalo & Company

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