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Bud Weisser Has Returned, This Time For Breaking Into The Actual Budweiser Brewery

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Our boy Bud Weisser has returned, this time with an incident more ridiculous than his last. He hasn’t changed much since you last saw him just shy of a year ago. The last time he reached the news cycle was for breaking into an Exxon gas station, which now appears to be his first step off the cliff of legality.

As Dillon pointed out, he just looks like a Bud Weisser. Everything about him fits the personification of the beer. Despite facing seven years in the slammer, he couldn’t quite make it a full year before going balls deep back into a life of crime. This time around he made it count, though. He didn’t shimmy his way into a gas station. That’s too ordinary. He went for the criminal gold and somehow got his ass onto the grounds of Budweiser Brewery itself.

No major changes have been made since his last mugshot. The same stupid haircut, albeit shorter, and a bit less acne. He’s likely lost a few brain cells during his hiatus from the thug life, but at the end of the day, with a name like Bud Weisser, he couldn’t have been born with more than a handful to start. His fate was sealed from the womb. A life of debauchery awaited and there wasn’t a soul that could deter any such events. That unfortunate life path led to the altercation Thursday night that resulted in ol’ Bud heading back behind bars.

From New York Daily News:

Bud Weisser faces charges of trespassing and resisting arrest after he got into a scuffle with brewery security in a secure area of the facility just before 7 p.m., St. Louis police told the Daily News.

Weisser somehow got into a secure area of the brewery before scuffling with security, St. Louis police said. Weisser, 19, was asked to leave before the scuffle broke out and police were called, according to an arrest report taken at the flagship brewery at 9th and Arsenal.

Life is tough as a shitty beer, but he’s certainly not doing much to help himself.

[via New York Daily News]

Image via Fox2Now

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