Bud Light Unveils The History of “Dilly Dilly”

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Summer 2017 was a simpler time. “Despacito” spread through radio waves like musical herpes and Tide Pods were for cleaning clothes. It was at this turning point in American history that we were introduced to not just a catchphrase, but a way of life, and it would change us forever.

As summer wound down and the new NFL season was upon us, television-watching football fans were introduced to a rambunctious cast of characters in medieval garb. They gladly grabbed their Bud Lights and cheered “DILLY DILLY!” and the rest was history.

Soon, “Dilly Dilly” became my go-to response for everything. Fraternity just got off of probation? DILLY DILLY! Judge just sentenced you to probation? DILLY DILLY! Premature ejaculation? DILLY DILLY!

Fast forward to last Sunday’s Super Bowl and Bud Light unveiled, through commercial, the legend of the Bud Knight. Well, USA Today was able to pull a VH1 behind the music type interview and get the inside story from the think tank that created the battle cry of inebriated Americans everywhere. They interviewed the creative directors at the ad agency that changed history, John Parker and Brandon Henderson.

From USA Today:

Overall, we wanted to show that friends you can count on deserve a beer they can count on. And when it comes to bringing beer to the party we wanted to dramatize how a friend who brings Bud Light is a great friend. Because, when you bring Bud Light it’s for everyone, when you bring a 4 pack of micro-brew, chances are that’s just for you.

Can we all agree that fuck those people who show up with weird beer? Like no, Darren I don’t want any of your gluten-free, low-calorie, hipster wheat juice, and you know that. “Dilly Dilly” is so legendary, people out there are making their own beer named after it. Maybe bring a six-pack of that next time, if it even comes in a sixer.

I think we were always hoping it would catch on. That’s the dream for pretty much everything we put out. But for me, when I saw the first sign show up on College Gameday, I knew it was starting to catch on.

Ah, the immortal world of College GameDay: where legends are made.

Still, I refuse to believe they weren’t hammered when they came up with this. No one imagines something as ridiculous sounding as “Dilly Dilly” while sober. Dilly dilly is going to go down in the beer ad history books, along with the Dos Equis man and the Budweiser Clydesdales.

[via USA Today]

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