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British Doctors Gave A Man An 8-Inch Bionic Penis, Prostitute Has Volunteered To Take His Virginity For Free

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It’s early Monday morning, so let’s get this thought out of our heads before the day improves. Imagine losing your dick as a 6-year-old boy. Not even having the slightest chance of living a normal life beating off to the erect nipples of a Fox News anchor or your friend’s older sister who wasn’t very hot but had huge knockers. It’s a depressing reality to imagine.

Mohammad Abad lost his muff pumper during an accident as a child, and has had no use of his genitalia since then. The device surgeons eventually installed to reconstruct his dick itself is actually really cool. A true display of the best of modern medicine, and the best aspect of it all for Abad is that he can reach a full 8-inches at the push of a button.

From Daily Star:

Last year the Daily Star Online reported on how Mo, as he is known to friends, was fitted with the artificial penis which works with a special pump, which inflates it to a bumper eight inches.

Mo said: “I have waited long enough for this — it’ll be a great start to the new year. My penis is working perfectly now so I just want to do it. I’m really excited. I can’t wait for it to finally happen.”

The bionic penis, made from flesh from his arm and fitted by surgeons at University College London, is operated by a button on his testicles.

That’s all it takes. The push of a button and he’s hard as a diamond, ready for action. The fear of not getting up isn’t even a remote possibility. Whiskey dick has forever disappeared. If only they could make an aftermarket attachment for non-reconstructed dicks. The inventor would be bathing in billions within the year.

The downside of it all, is that up to this point, Abad has been forced to remain a virgin. A generous British hooker and “sexual trainer” has volunteered her services to finally remove the final hurdle in his return to normalcy, and Abad says he has been practicing for this moment.

Sex worker and campaigner Charlotte Rose, 35, said: “I am so honoured that he chose me to take his virginity.”

Charlotte, who usually charges £200 an hour, said: “We plan to have a dinner date so we can get to know each other and then two hours of private time. I’m not charging him.”

What a sweetheart.

[via Daily Star]

Image via Good Morning Britain

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