The Boston University Student Who Set A World Record For Juggling While Running SLAYS

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You’ve probably seen him on campus before. He’s the guy surrounded by a crowd of beautiful women. One by one, they swoon as the words flow off of his lips with a silky smoothness that you could only dream of.

“Who wants to see me juggle some balls?” he asks as an immense flood engulfs the quad, making Noah turn over in his ancient grave.

Boston University student Zach Prescott is one smooth cat. Not only does he dedicate his life to the ever-challenging sport of running, but he ALSO can juggle. You might be thinking, “Oh come on; everybody says they can juggle.” Believe us, though — when it comes to the juggling game, Zach is no slouch. The dude can toss some balls. In fact, he’s so good at it that he can do so WHILE he’s running and set a new record for that very specific feat in the process.

From Sports Illustrated:

Boston University student Zach Prescott ran a 4:43.2 mile while juggling three balls to break a record that has stood for 32 years. The previous record of 4:43.80 was run by American Kirk Swenson in 1986.

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Not fishing for a compliment or anything, but I once ran an eight-minute mile while carrying copious amounts of shame and failed expectations on my back. That pales in comparison to this feat, though. I can’t imagine being half as talented as this king.

Just consider the laser focus it took Zach to lock in on the task at hand when he knew full well the hero’s treatment he would receive upon completion. They’ll throw him a parade, give up a key to the city, and the women — oh, the women that will flock. Let’s hope he can juggle side chicks, too.

It didn’t come without adversity, though. The last time Zach attempted to break the record, it ended in horrible tragedy.

GET OFF THE TRACK. Does no one see a world-class athlete working here? It takes a lot of guts to be able to pick up the balls and try again after getting so close and failing.

We’re still waiting on an official video of this milestone event. Here’s to hoping we don’t have to wait too long.

On behalf of all of us inferior men who could never accomplish this, I’d like to say congratulations, Zach. Enjoy the fame and fortune. You deserve it.

[via Sports Illustrated]

Image via Twitter

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