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Video Shows Bold Colorado Dude Offering Obama Hit Of Legal Weed At A Bar, And The President Declining

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President Obama was recently in Denver to, who knows, do president stuff? Not sure what exactly that entails in Colorado at this moment. Just some handshakes and bullshittin’ most likely. “How’s everything going here? Crime and unemployment are down? Pizza sales through the roof? Most of your Super Bowl shame is gone? Great!”

Maybe the president just needed a break from forming some weird, unholy partnership with Russia, Iran, and possibly Assad over the ISIS mess? That would explain why Obama was grabbing a beer and shooting pool with Colorado Governor Hickenlooper at a local bar. You need to let off some steam after a long week of trying to micromanage a nightmare with three unbelievable assholes. I get it. If it were me I’d be a bottle of scotch deep, throwing letter openers at interns, just like I do now.

Though, if Obama was just taking it easy for a day, maybe he should have partaken in Colorado’s newest, and absurdly lucrative, vice; especially since he was offered a hit by one bold Coloradan, who got the exchange on video.

It was worth a shot. It’s not like Obama’s never done it before. But the president can’t take too much of an edge off right now. If anything someone should have offered Obama a line or two (something else he’s done before). You’ve got a lot of work to do, Barry. A little boost couldn’t hurt. But not too much, or things could get weird.

In the end it was pretty funny offer Obama some weed, though obviously the president was never going to say yes. It’s for the best he didn’t anyway. Between yesterday’s German beatdown of Brazil and a video of the president ripping a bowl, the internet would have imploded upon itself, forever destroying the web and all electricity, and everyone’s day would have been like that NBC show “Revolution”: boring.

[via Instagram]

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