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Boise Restaurant Owner Apologizes After Facebook Video Of Him In Blackface Is Called Racist

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From Idaho News:

BOISE, Idaho (KBOI) – A Boise restaurant owner landed himself in some hot water after a video meant to promote his menu came under fire for being what some called racist.
Pizza, salad and chicken. It’s what PizzalChik in Northwest Boise is known for, and what it’s named for. The owner, Brad Breakell, says it’s also been known for the funny and off-the-wall videos he posts to Facebook to promote the weekend specials.

In each video, Breakell comes up with a different character to catch people’s attention.

His most recent character, Jacklyn Jaws, caught a lot of attention, but it wasn’t the kind Breakell was hoping for.

The character, intended to look like a talking shark to play off the Discovery Center’s shark exhibit, featured Breakell with a face painted black. He immediately received heavy backlash on social media, claiming Breakell’s post was racist.

Before you do anything, I highly recommend taking a few minutes out of your day to click the link and watch Brad plead his case. I promise it is 1000% worth it.
This may be the biggest misunderstanding of all time. Brad Breakell, owner of Pizzalchik (fire name), is just trying to promote his weekend specials.

It’s those losers from the Social Justice Warriors that we should be upset with. Not only are you trying to ruin the reputation of Boise’s number one place for pizza, salad, and chicken, but you’re harassing his children? Sick! On top of that, the man is trying to run his business and you keep calling in fake orders of hundreds of dollars of pizza. How is he supposed to decipher between a real $500 order and a fake one, huh?

If anything, we should be commending Brad. He named the character Jacklyn Jaws. He understands that in 2017 female sharks can be just as strong as their male counterparts. Way more progressive than any of us would have been. Also he is the most clear hippie I have seen in a long time and everyone knows that, by definition, hippies can’t be racist. I think.

It’s a tough one because it is so clear that this guy is harmless, but at the same time you can’t just go around in blackface. Not even explaining how he is “so not that way” will save Brad from having his name (much like his face) dragged through the mud. It is a bit perplexing though that he insists on definitely comprehending what black face is but it didn’t register that painting his face black would be problematic.

Look, this guy lives for making eccentric videos every week. All of our towns have somebody just like him. He just wants to make people laugh, and usually they’re laughing at him but that’s beside the point. Honestly, it wouldn’t shock me if we found out Brad had started his business just so that he could do all kinds of kooky shit to promote it. This is his life, so let’s give the guy a fucking break. Brad’s not a racist. He was just trying to make his shark look extra authentic. But don’t worry, lesson learned. Next time he promises to be “very careful.”

[via Idaho News]

Image via Facebook

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