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Bobby Knight Is Apparently A Dirty Old Man, Which Is The Least Surprising News Of All Time

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bobby knight creep

Every once in a while, there comes along a news story that shocks us all and leaves us reeling in its aftermath. This is especially true in cases where we find celebrities doing things that are deemed uncharacteristic of them. Bobby Knight reportedly groping women and saying inappropriate things is not one of those cases, however. This is exactly the type of behavior we should expect from that dirty old

From Deadspin:

Multiple federal agencies investigated claims that former Indiana basketball coach Bobby Knight groped and verbally sexually harassed several female employees when he gave a speech at the National Geospatial-Intelligence Agency in July 2015, according to newly-released documents.

Knight was invited to the NGA, a Department of Defense agency that analyzes imagery of the Earth’s surface in order to serve intelligence operations, as part of the Director’s Distinguished Speaker Series. An investigation by the NGA into how he conducted himself during his appearance found five female employees who said that Knight touched them inappropriately—including allegedly swatting two women on the buttocks, sliding his hands along another woman’s hips and massaging another’s shoulders—or said things that made them feel uncomfortable.

A little advice for the NGA: it might be prudent to fire the asshole that thought Bobby Fucking Knight fit the mold of a “distinguished speaker.” What a boneheaded assessment of character. You mean the guy who throws chairs and made a career out of verbally (and sometimes physically) abusing teenagers isn’t the greatest pillar of society? What a shocking revelation. Here we all were thinking he has this distinguished pedigree and he goes and lets us down.

When said asshole (Robert Cardillo) was asked why Coach Knight got an invitation, this was his response:

From Deadspin:

Cardillo responded that he while he [sic] was “aware that Mr. Knight would likely use language that some would find offensive,” he ultimately “weighed that against the positive leadership and motivational lessons that Mr. Knight could provide.” He said that he had not heard of any sexual harassment during Knight’s visit, but he acknowledged that one part of Knight’s speech—a story about “putting a telephone up the ass of an operator”—was over the line.

You think that was the moment this guy knew he had fucked up? That as soon as Bobby got into the whole “putting a telephone up the ass” scenario, Cardillo had a realization that he may have backed the wrong horse? What “motivational lessons” did he expect? Was Knight supposed to berate the audience? Because that’s the only motivational tactic to which he’s accustomed.

This was a valuable lesson for all: don’t invite a man with a laundry list of questionable acts to be the keynote speaker at your distinguished event.

[via Deadspin]

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