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Blue Bell Releases New Camo-Themed Ice Cream Flavor Right As Dove Season Gets Under Way

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If you’re spending this weekend dove hunting and watching college football, I might have the perfect snack for you.

Blue Bell Ice Cream, the undisputed greatest ice cream on the planet, released a new camouflage-inspired ice cream flavor this morning, just in time for the start of dove season. Camo’n’Cream, which is sure to be a hit, will be at your nearest grocery store chain (preferably H-E-B) soon.

From Blue Bell:

Camo ‘n Cream is a colorful combination of three great tasting ice cream flavors – Pistachio Almond, Milk Chocolate and cream cheese – swirled together in a camouflage pattern.

“We are having a little fun with this flavor,” said Carl Breed, director of marketing for Blue Bell. “You see the camo design on everything these days, so we thought why not create an ice cream flavor that looks camouflage? The best part is these three flavors taste great together. We tried a few different combinations but chose these flavors because they complement each other so well. We think our fans will love the mixture of Pistachio Almond, Milk Chocolate and cream cheese ice cream.”

Camo ‘n Cream is available in limited quantities in the half gallon and pint sizes.

Outside of the design, it sounds like it’ll taste pretty good, too. I love cream cheese and I love milk chocolate. I’m not much of an almond guy, but mixed in with everything else and I’d definitely be down to buy this flavor. Everyone knows Blue Bell’s best flavor is always going to be its homemade vanilla, so if you go in with tempered expectations you’ll probably like it.

I know it’s only an ice cream flavor, but it’s nice to see a Texas company doing something, I don’t know, Texas-y. By 2018, camouflage will be triggering too many people for brands to associate themselves with it anymore. It’ll be PC-toxic.

Just like the creepy old man from the commercial says, Blue Bell tastes just like the good ole days. Team Blue Bell for life.

[via Blue Bell]

Image via Instagram

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