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Blowfish Is A Hangover-Killing Christmas Miracle

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The holiday season is hangover season. Especially for me. I use alcohol as a coping mechanism and have more issues to cope with than Santa flying his sleigh over Russian airspace in a blizzard.

“I’m an artist, DAD!”

“You wrote about dicks twelve times last week you’re a sick pervert.”

So yeah, even if you’re not exactly like me, the holiday season is also Blowfish season. Or it should be.

Blowfish is my go-to hangover fix, especially now that it’s peak binge drinking season. This time of year, Blowfish is as much a part of my morning routine as coffee and disappointed looks from my mom.

It’s pretty simple. After a night of over-nogging, you drop two Blowfish tablets in water, drink, and your hangover melts away like a shitty Christmas memory. Blowfish’s formulation is recognized as effective by the FDA. Translation: it’s real medicine that’s guaranteed to work, unlike your BS home remedy of two Gatorades and a pizza.

Trust me. Load up on Blowfish in time for New Year’s and have it at-the-ready for the holiday party home stretch. Plus, it’s a solid last minute gift for every low-life degenerate on your Christmas list. Blowfish constitutes roughly two-thirds of my apartment’s medicine cabinet. I bought it in bulk and right now they’re letting TFM pass our 20% corporate discount onto you. That’s less than two bucks a hangover, so yeah. Go to and use promo code TFM16.

Or, if you’re hurting right now you can find it in the pain reliever aisle at CVS (here’s their store locator). Hint: it’s hidden on one of the lowest shelves near the old people back pills. But it’s there. And it’s worth the effort to find.

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