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Better Than AMEX? College Dropout Creates NYC’S “Most Exclusive Credit Card”

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Getting a bid to a top-tier house at (insert your college here) is one thing, but getting a bid to a top-tier social society in New York City is a totally different ballgame. Want to rage with members of the New York Rangers and the city’s hottest socialites? Well, you’ll have to talk to 22-year-old Billy McFarland about that.

McFarland started his own credit card company, Magnises, which he claims is more elite than your father’s AmEx black card. What does Magnises mean? Absolutely nothing, but according to McFarland, it sounds pretty fucking cool and he’s already trying to have a dick-measuring contest with major credit card companies by raising more than $1 million in investor money from the former CEOs of Def Jam and MasterCard International.

McFarland is currently positioning Magnises as New York’s hottest way to spend money amongst the college and postgrad crowd, connecting directly with your existing credit or debit card. Think about it. This guy is charging people an extra $250 to use a black steel card that only links to money you already have. Capitalism at it’s best, my friends.

Of course, Gotham’s high society is flocking to this shit like an awkward freshman to a beer pong table. Olympic athletes, tech moguls, and Sofia Vergara’s ex are just some of the 1,200 cardholders currently enjoying Magnises VIP status. If this card is good enough for the guy who banged Sofia Vergara on more than one occasion, then I think it’s good enough for me–five minutes in pleasure town with Sofia Vergara’s fun bags is on my short list of things I would completely destroy any relationship I’m currently in for.

Like any card, there’s a rewards system. However, instead of getting free copies of magazines jammed into my tiny mailbox every other week, Magnises offers some rewards that seem a little more enticing.

From The NY Post:

Members enjoy Magnises’ aspirational perks, including access to a BMW 7L and driver; a 24/7 concierge service that arranges concert tickets and prime weekend reservations at chic restaurants like Catch; and such freebies as a class at David Barton Gym and a round of shots at Asian buzzspot the General.

Access to an on-call party planner and a beamer in New York City? Sign me up! Seriously, you try hailing a cab every day to get to work. Or worse–taking the subway.

Getting access to the card and the perks isn’t so easy. Acceptance doesn’t solely rely on how much money you spend or if you dad “owns half of fucking Manhattan.” Just like rush, it’s about whether McFarland and his 11 associates deem you worthy of possessing this matte, black, stainless steel ticket to glory.

Feel free to sign up to see if you are dubbed cool enough to rub elbows with Gotham’s elite. Maybe you’ll get a bid, or maybe you’ll find out you’re just a gutter troll from Staten Island.

[via The NY Post]

Image via Twitter

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Jordan Gershowitz

Jordan is a writer living in a small yet overpriced apartment in NYC. He can always be found in his favorite pair of topsiders, even though he doesn't own a yacht (yet). He may not always be right, but he's never wrong and he also knows that finishing an entire book doesn't prove anything. He could eat cereal for every meal, but doesn't...because you know...carbs. For angry tweets about the state of IU basketball follow him @jordangersh

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