Here Are The Best Clothes You Can Get For 20% Off Right Now

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man outfitters spring sale

Clothes can be expensive, which is why big sales on threads always attract my attention. Jumping in at the right time can be the difference between spending an unnecessarily large sum of money you might regret and an incredibly small sum of money relative to what you’re getting in return.

The latter is what we have here today, folks. Our friends at Man Outfitters are going 20% off sitewide with code SPRING20, with only a small list of excluded brands. This means you’re just a couple clicks and field entries away from MASSIVE discounts on Patagonia, Sperry, Southern Marsh, Howler Bros, Fayettechill, and pleeeeeennnnttyyy more.

Oh yeah, and Man Outfitters offers free shipping on all orders over $99. Save money by spending a little more. Oxymoron status, but it’s legit. Here are some of our favorite items available right now via this sale (click either the image or the link below it to visit the product page and get more info).

Barney Cools ‘Holiday’ Hawaiian Shirt$69 $55.20

Do you want to know how you know Barney’s cool? He priced his shirt at $69. That’s not what you’ll pay, of course; after all, this is an article about clothes that are 20% off. If you really want to pay $69, though, just make sure to not enter code SPRING20 at checkout.

Katin ‘Base Camp’ Mineral Graphic Tee$34 $27.20

2018 is the year of Katin. Their lineup is seriously awesome. I’m a big fan of camping motifs, so this one stood out to me. Check out Man Outfitters’ full Katin collection here.

Rodd and Gunn ‘Redcastle’ Hawaiian Print Shirt – Slim Fit$128 $102.40

2018 is also the year of short sleeve buttondowns. The best part about this one is that it’s also a Hawaiian shirt. Dress it up, dress it down; either way, you’re crushing the game. Some sidewalk patio beers in this = best life.

Rowdy Gentleman ‘Mezcalitos’ Swim Shorts – 6″ Inseam$49 $39.20

Love ’em. And if these aren’t your style, I guarantee Man Outfitters has a pair of swim trunks that are. They have 43 other designs from a ton of different brands, for God’s sake. It’s utter madness. You’ve never seen this many swim trunks for 20% off before. Check out the full collection here.

Katin ‘No Problemo’ Hat$30 $24

YEAR OF KATIN. Some of the chillest vibes ever recorded were put out by this hat. Facts only.

Southern Marsh ‘Regatta’ Flat Front Shorts – 6″ Inseam$59 $47.20

Don’t be late to the regatta. Buy these now and always be prepared to boat (or just walk to class).

Outdoor Voices ‘Runners High’ Athletic Shorts – 5″ Inseam$65 $52

Athleisure isn’t just for the ladies, after all.

Trask ‘Sadler’ Sheepskin Penny Loafer$195 $156

Picture you in a blue blazer, pressed Oxford, khakis, braided leather belt, and these at formal. That should be all the motivation you need.

Click here to see everything you can get for 20% off right now, and make sure to use code SPRING20 at checkout to get the deal.

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Jared Borislow

Jared Borislow (né The DeVry Guy) is a Senior Writer for Grandex Inc and a 2015 graduate of the University of Wisconsin.

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