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Best Campus Blackout Restaurants: Tuscaloosa

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In recent installments of BCBR, the comment sections have been absolutely flooded with suggestions of spots to feature next. One of the most suggested places comes from the home of the NCAA Champion football team Alabama Crimson Tide. In Tuscaloosa, there is no other spot to frequent for late-night drunk munchies than Quick Grill.

Quick Grill is located right off of The Strip in Tuscaloosa. The Strip is the stretch for Alabama students to find the best bars, restaurants, and random hookups available. Like the other restaurants featured, very few people have ever eaten Quick Grill sober. It is actually intended to be a go-to, alcohol-infused stop since it’s operating hours are 6PM to 3AM, Monday through Saturday.

Quick Grill is set up as a counter with outside seating. To get their great food, simply order at the counter, take a number and hang out with friends until the munchies arrive. Quick Grill has a slight reputation as not so quick time-wise, but no one tends to mind since the patrons are always completely shitfaced and have more opportunities to hit on opposite genders before disgusting them while trying to eat.

What is there to eat at Quick Grill? The menu features mainly Greek items, including lamb, falafel, hummus, etc., but also features anything from french fries to chicken. Quick Grill veterans know the highlight and best item of the menu is the famous Messy Fries, which are french fries completely smothered in chili and cheese. For only seven dollars, the Messy Fries are a cheap, delicious option for anyone when hammered.

Jasim Maaden, owner of Quick Grill, knows that serving nothing but intoxicated customers can sometimes be a hassle, but nonetheless, always greets everyone with a smile, even if dealing with an angry drunk. A former Alabama student, Maaden knows that everyone at the school is a good kid, but everyone can make poor decisions when completely shitfaced. “Every now and then you get someone that can be hard to deal with, but that happens with any job. The majority are great.”

Real, Random Reviews of Quick Grill:

“The real beauty of this place is the nourishment it creates for much needed alcohol absorbing food in stomach and the memories for all those that were once a student here.”

“Most people are very familiar with the feeling of waking up after a long night of drinking and not really knowing where all our money went. For many of us, late night hunger kicked in and we ended our evening at Quick Grill.”

“Ate here like 3 times a week for four years. Don’t ever remember eating here but at least it is open late.”

Because it is so popular, sometimes it’s a real issue for the impatient to wait on an order. The trick that most Crimson Tide students know is to order in advance, and slide around the back to pick up, go home, and smear your face with Messy Fries in your own residence. Although it is such a social stop for most students, many choose to wait and recall their wild, booze-fueled nights with their friends.

Quick Grill is undoubtedly the best blackout restaurant in Tuscaloosa, and among the top of all campus blackout restaurants in the entire nation. Its reviews always stack up with nothing but positive raves, and for current and former Alabama Students, Quick Grill is simply iconic. Once those greasy, disgusting, but incredibly satisfying Messy Fries reach the taste buds, no one can resist going back. Next time you find yourself partying in Tuscaloosa, visit Quick Grill and devour some Messy Fries.

To see your campus’ favorite blackout restaurant appear in this series, nominate it in the comments.

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