Benefits Of Greek Life

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Benefits of Greek Life

To rush, or not to rush? It’s a question on the minds of many students when graduating from high school and choosing the path they’ll take in college. But really, it’s not that hard of a question. You should just do it.

What is Greek life all about? In movies and television, it’s portrayed as a wild and crazy nonstop party with pit stops to class every now and then. Depending on the student’s intentions, he can get so many advantages out of the fraternity that he joins. There is more to going Greek than just parties, but let’s be honest — the parties are crazy and one of my favorite benefits. In all seriousness, below is a list of benefits that come with the frat life.


It’s said that the bonds of brotherhood are forever. The friendships made are strong and unique. Each Greek organization has different standards and guidelines, supports different charities, and has different goals. A student can therefore choose the kind of people he wants to be around and give his time to. The different rites and rituals that come with the Greek society create seriousness to the bond, but it’s the little things that can create closeness.

Bonding activities like discussing life ambitions, designing custom Greek shirts, planning events, and, of course, raging together bring you closer to your brothers. The students join to meet other students who have similar goals, and by sharing a path and encouraging each other along the way, the bond can truly be forever.

Develop Real-World Skills

Joining a Greek organization is just that: an organization. What I mean by this is that there are leadership roles just like in any other organization, such as president, vice president, treasurer, and many other positions within the fraternity that need to be filled. This gives students the opportunity to lead fellow students and to learn interpersonal and leadership skills. Holding a position also teaches responsibility and accountability. Determining what fundraisers are held and when, keeping track of finances, and taking responsibility when things don’t go as planned are all valuable life skills that are vital to success in the real world. I know what you’re thinking. You’re just here to have fun and party but trust those of us who have moved on and are suffering through the real world now — you’ll appreciate the experience.

Meeting New People

It’s no surprise that when a student joins Greek life, doors are opened. Greek life is a way to connect with a vast network that a student may use long after he graduates. In fact, 85 percent of executives of Fortune 500 companies were Greek — which is such a huge percent for a niche so small. Going to college can be a daunting journey for students. Being away from home, from friends, and from family can take a toll on the mental and environmental comfort that they might not be ready for. If you join a fraternity, it’s understood that a social network is already built in. Students can use the network established by the Greek organization to connect with one another and form bonds that will carry on into the working world.

Housing Benefits

On-campus housing is notoriously expensive, which makes living off-campus a more attractive option financially. Sororities and fraternities generally have lower housing costs with more benefits. Moving into Greek housing can be a more comfortable transition for some students than going right into a shared dorm room. The best benefit of Greek housing is teaching responsibility. You get real-life experience, like making sure the bills are paid on time, keeping up with the house, and living with roommates — those are priceless lessons to learn. However, make sure to do the homework on housing. There could be dues and hidden or unexpected costs, and depending on the student’s year and fraternity of choice, the price can fluctuate.

After graduation, Greek students bring newly learned skills into the real world that will assist them in their future careers. With the experience of having held positions in the Greek society, these graduates are more prepared when it comes to working in offices, running board meetings, and doing presentations. When taken seriously, joining a fraternity can bring great experiences and greater life lessons that will heighten the college experience and make it worth all the effort. So, freshmen, when you’re deciding which path to go down, don’t be blinded by Asher Roth’s vision of frat life — there are more benefits to Greek life than you’d expect.

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